Photos of the Day
27 March, 2017
Exactly 112 years ago today, on March 27th, 1905 all of Tbilisi was gathered near Davit’s hillside waiting for the crazy men who might dare to travel in the new railway that would carry them up the steep slope.

25 March, 2017
March 25 is a historical day, since it marks the restoration of Georgian Orthodox Church’s autocephaly.
22 March, 2017
Georgia’s historic capital Tbilisi has captivated many tourists for its beauty and unusual architecture.
21 March, 2017
Friends don’t count chromosomes –President and First lady host youth with Down Syndrome
In relation to the World Down Syndrome Day, Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelashvili and the First Lady Maka Chichua hosted persons with Down syndrome in Preside
14 March, 2017
With the dawn of spring nature flourishes, almond and cherry trees blossom.
11 March, 2017

March 11 marks the birthday of an outstanding Georgian composer Aleksandre Basilaia.

08 March, 2017
Today, on March 8, many countries throughout the world celebrate International Women's Day, originally called International Working Women's Day and Georgia is no exception.

07 March, 2017
A mesmerizing photo featuring Georgia’s one of the villages has gone viral on social network.
04 March, 2017
It is hard to find someone who has not heard the name of Nino Kasradze even once.
03 March, 2017
In Georgia, March 3 is Mother's Day. It was established as an official holiday by the country's first President Zviad Gamsakhurdia in 1991 and celebrated ever since.
01 March, 2017
Today an extremely important event occurred in the history of Georgia.
27 February, 2017

This extremely heartwarming photo shot by Georgian photographer Giorgi Shermazanashvili, known under his nickname Shermazana, depicts a situation in a public bus in a rural area of Georgia.

25 February, 2017
February 25 is one of the most tragic and painful dates in the history of Georgia referred to as Soviet Occupation Day.
23 February, 2017

Georgian photographer Giorgi Nikolava has recently captured an amazing scene in Terjola, a town in Georgia’s Imereti region.

20 February, 2017
February 20, 1923, marks the birthday of an iconic Georgian actress and beauty Medea Japaridze.

18 February, 2017
Georgian astrophotographers’ Facebook page called Geo-Astro, published a captivating photo shot by one of its members Dimitri Goderdzishvil in Bakuriani (Georgia’s mountainous resort).

14 February, 2017
14 February marks Valentine’s Day.Many nations across the world celebrate this day and Georgia is no exception.
13 February, 2017
This image by Georgian photographer Giorgi Nikolava features old part of the city.
11 February, 2017
59-year-old Natela Lazishvili gave birth to her first child in Batumi.
10 February, 2017
Outstanding Georgian artist, theatrical and graphic painter, Tengiz Mirzashvili, widely known under his nickname – Chubchika, was born on February 10, 1934, in Mestia, regional center of Svaneti.