“Deep Purple” in Tbilisi – biggest festival to be held in South Caucasus
15 March, 2013
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Organizers of the planned June 5 Tbilisi Open Air music festival – South Caucasus’ biggest event of this type – spoke to the media at a press conference.
“Deep Purple”, “The Subways”, “Kid Jesus” - the 2013 event – under the motto of “Music Breaks Free” - will feature internationally famous artists, as well as the winning band of 2013 Tbilisi Newcomers contest.
Music lovers met the announcement with applause.
Tickets for the festival are scheduled to be on sale from March 19 in the price range of 40 to 200 Lari.

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KID Jesus - the winner of the Tbilisi Newcomers 2012 contest
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Alexander Arutinov, a famous designer who works in Moscow, in the 2015-2016 autumn-winter collection used the paintings of Niko Pirosmani, a prominent
Famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani was distinct for his portrayal of everyday Georgian life in his paintings. This included holidays and festivals, and Easter was no exception: Pirosmani created several paintings on the subject.
The Georgian film Dinola has received an award at the Romanian DaKINO 24 Short Film Competition.
Georgia was ranked number one at the International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition, Domenico Modugno, which took place on March 27-30, 2015, in Bari, Italy.
The Supreme Council of Ukraine’s Academics has declared Vakhtang “Buba” Kikabidze, the legendary Georgian singer and national artist “Man of the Year.”
“The Bolsheviks declared Rachmaninoff an ‘enemy of the people’ and got rid of all items and relics that belonged to him. Thankfully, they had no idea
“Niko Pirosmani’s graphic portrait painted by Pablo Picasso in 1972 has been exhibited in Tbilisi.”
There are many frescos and icons of Saint George killing a dragon in Georgia. Another  bas-relief has been discovered in a medieval monastery.
The person who inspired legendary Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze's poem "Meri" was a noblewoman Meri Shervashidze.
The New York Times has made a report about Lisa Batiashvili, the 35-year-old Georgian violinist who is this season’s artist in residence with the New York Philharmonic.