Ornella Muti: “I will come to Georgia with pleasure”
25 January, 2017
Ornella Muti: “I will come to Georgia with pleasure”
For the first time in the Georgian media space, Ornella Muti tells us about her daily schedule, Adriano Celentano and the man she loves.

If you have seen the movie called ‘The Taming of the Scoundrel at least once, you definitely remember the beautiful green-eyed girl who knocks at the door of someone’s house, in the middle of the night, during the heavy rain and the love story of Elia and Lisa begin with this random event. Ornella Muti, who plays Lisa, was extremely popular in the 1980s and she is still very much loved in Italy and the world. While still busy playing different roles, she’s as beautiful and full of energy as 30 years ago. Besides, she has just released the new line of facial care products, lives in Moscow, close to the man she loves and agreed to this interview.

- Ornella, you are one of the favorite actresses of many Georgians. Almost every other woman very attentively watches the news about you. Can you tell us about your life and daily schedule?

- It is a pleasure for me to hear that I am so popular in Georgia. I want to thank everybody for such attention and warmth.

I must confess that my life is not like the lives of most women. It is quite different. I have been taking exercises for a long time, besides I take care of my family and, of course, play in the movies, which takes most of the time. Entertaining my body and soul or taking a test is called Gyrotonic. It is a system of exercises, where every muscle works with the help of the spine. It is done with the help of special fitness machines. As a result, we get a remarkably graceful, cohesive and refined figure. The movements are in harmony with breathing and the thoughts are in order. This looks very much like meditation. Everywhere I go my first thought is where to find a gym.
Ornella Muti exercising

- You have moved to Moscow, to live here permanently. Why have you decided to do that? You want to be closer to the man you love or was it a kind of returning to your roots? As I know, your grandparents lived in Saint Petersburg and in 1917 they moved to Estonia.

- You are absolutely right. I am partly of Russian descent. My mother, who was and is
very dear for me, loved Russia very much. So, when I come to Moscow, the first person that comes to my mind is my mother. Besides, I have many friends here and they are also very important for me. As for the decision to move here, I made it quite simply. One of the main factors was that the man I love moved here and I followed him.

- Georgian TV Channels often show The Taming of the Scoundrel and Madly in Love, with you and Adriano Celentano. I Adriano a good and comfortable partner? Is he as rude behind the cameras as Elia?

- This is the question I’m asked frequently. Working with Adriano is very enjoyable. He’s not an ordinary person and he has a great sense of humor. I don’t think Elia is rude. I think he’s realistic and honest. The honesty is the main thing that attracts women. The Taming of the Scoundrel was filmed in a very friendly and comfortable environment. We had very much fun and I always remember those days with pleasure.
Ornella Muti and Adriano Celentano in The Taming of the Scoundrel

- What do you know about Georgia and Georgian culture?

- I don’t mean to disappoint you but I must confess that there is little to nothing I know about Georgia. I hope I will have the opportunity to visit you beautiful country, with its beautiful nature, culture, family traditions and what is even more important, with its strong people. My only excuse is that I have not only heard but also tasted Georgian dishes that are very famous around the world. I know several Georgian restaurants here in Moscow.

- You look great and your example is contagious for many women. Are you on a special diet? How do you manage to stay in such a good shape?

- We, the women, know very well that taking care of yourself is a very complex and complicated process. It takes a lot of time but it is not only about your looks but also your soul. For example, healthy food, physical exercises and so on are very profitable. I try not to eat too much and avoid fatty foods. However, sometimes I let myself enjoy and eat whatever I want. Georgian dishes for example.

I want to tell everyone that external beauty is a reflection of inner beauty. You can keep it by ways of exercises, meditation, as well as positive thoughts. As a result your lip corners will not go down (smiles). This is one my secrets. I believe with all my heart that giving gifts and saying compliments have to be your true emotions, which must come from your heart.

I also think that a person must move forward at any age. The main thing is to stay open-hearted and not to be afraid of new challenges. We have to be confident that better things await us in the future and we must stay positive. Nothing is eternal in this life except changes and I am no exception.

- You have just released the new line of facial care products, Skinstar from Ornella Muti. Can you tell us more about that?

- I can talk endlessly about that. My facial care products are like my first-born child and I am very proud of it. It represents my opinion about beauty. When I was thinking about creating my own line, I thought I wanted to share my views on beauty with everyone. Using this mask is really very easy. Just a few minutes and the skins becomes firmer, refreshed and visibly better in appearance. And the makeup holds better as well. I am a woman and I want to look good every morning, during the day and in the evening, with or without makeup, always. I want to be attractive to myself and to the people I love. I am not perfect, of course, and I also have my negative sides. My facial care products help me to look better.
Ornella Muti presenting her brand

- How did you meet Fabrice Kerherve? Can you tell us your love story?

- I met Fabrice ten years ago in France. We worked there together when I was the face of his cosmetics brand. Then I created my own jewelry line. Why I love Fabrice? Because he is the one. I love his positive as well as negative sides and this makes him unique. He is a special person. I love him because of his big heart and everything that he represents. You either love or you don’t. I am talking about the true love, the one that has no borders. When you love, you are enthusiastic and so overwhelmed with this wonderful feeling that you cannot resist making it public. You want to tell the whole world about it.
Ornella Muti and Fabrice Kerherve

- We would like to invite you to Georgia. Your interview published in Kviris Palitra newspaper will be a big surprise for the readers. We wish you good luck and thank you for your interview.

- I will come to Georgia with pleasure.

By Nino Tsipuria for Kviris Palitra

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