Thirty pieces of Russian silver
17 July, 2015
Thirty pieces of Russian silver
“But why are we speaking so long about one enemy who now avows that he is one, whom I now do not fear because a wall is between us; and are saying nothing about those who dissemble, who remain in Rome, who are among us?” - Cicero

Mrs. Burjanadze has kindly volunteered to deliver the Georgian state into the paws of Putin’s band of smiling cannibals by offering herself as a mediator in talks with Russia on occupied territories, “Should the Georgian side express its readiness for them.”

As the saying goes, a man is tempered in temptation as much as he is in hardship. Even though Georgia has, over its millennia-long history, produced a multitude of sons and daughters harder than steel in mind and body, there is no garden without weeds. And while weeds as such are not dangerous, they can overrun the garden if left unchecked.
In Georgia’s case, weeds are not only growing, but are being actively fertilized. Take Nino Burjanadze’s recent visit to the, for example. While her staunchly pro-Russian views are hardly a secret for anyone, receiving a personal invitation from a Duma Spokesman is something entirely different.
While in Moscow, Burjanadze happily cuddled up to Russian officials and media in a manner that would make Georgian sycophants of Soviet times proud, denouncing Georgia’s pro-Western stance and its progress towards building a state governed by law, not wealth and force. According to her, none of this really matters because we are not on good terms with Russia. As she told journalists, Georgia can be a Western and democratic society without joining any organizations and being a NATO member is unnecessary because “nobody expects us there”.
Let me translate this for you: Georgians should abandon their hopes and dreams of dignity and freedom, turn their backs on what is probably our only guarantee of existing as a separate state and return to Soviet role of being witless jesters and jovial entertainers for Russians. This will, of course, be accompanied by obligatory Russification, a puppet regime, slow erosion of our culture and rewriting of Georgian history to match the one currently taught in Russian schools. In short, it would mean death for us as a nation.
Mrs. Burjanadze has also kindly volunteered to deliver the Georgian state into the paws of Putin’s band of smiling cannibals by offering herself as a mediator in talks with Russia on occupied territories,
“should the Georgian side express its readiness for them”. Conveniently enough, within days after her return from Moscow, Russian soldiers insolently moved the border of the so-called South Ossetia forward in a mute warning: “Negotiate, or else.” Indeed, how haughty and evil are we Georgians for not discussing anything short of complete withdrawal of occupying forces from our territory! How dare we not let noble lady Nino sweat out some pathetic handout from Russia and then paint herself as the savior of Georgia to win enough votes for parliamentary representation?
But Nino Burjanadze and her party are hardly the only ones who sold their country’s dignity for jingle of coins. Russia holds leashes to a whole pen of “Georgian patriots” who are always ready to do all they can to plunge Georgia back into Soviet muck.
The only advice I can give to my fellow Georgians is to remain alert and uncompromising. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for signs of treason and duplicity and give no ground to the filth that rules Russia. The seed of traitors is a hard thing to stamp out forever, but the price of betrayal has remained invariable throughout centuries – an ignominious end, followed by shame and contempt that span generations.

Author: Zura Aminarashvili

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