America’s Trump Card
05 December, 2015
America’s Trump Card
Like it or not, the name of the 45th American President will most likely be Donald Trump. The elections are almost a year away, and the man whose decision to run for president was initially met with laughter and jeers has already ground several of his opponents into dust. Unless something completely unexpected happens, the trend will continue until he is the last man standing.

“Trump has invested in Georgia before, and will most likely do so again – provided that our government is able to shape up to meet his standards.”

So, what is Trump about? First and foremost, he speaks his mind without any regard for political correctness or someone’s fragile feelings, which is the reason why his speeches appeal to the common American and not to the snotty, latte-sipping, neoliberal crowd. Extremely bullheaded and stubborn, he does not backpedal, apologize or make excuses; this makes him a poor target for the aforementioned crowd, which thrives on exploiting vulnerabilities of people it wants to ruin. As a bonus, he writes his own speeches and does not make use of teleprompters – unlike Mr. Obama.

Secondly, Trump speaks of relevant issues that represent an everyday concern of a regular American citizen. These include but are not limited to: Crime caused by minorities; massive illegal immigration of said minorities; unemployment caused by outsourcing to China and India; excessive taxation and overregulation of American businesses; the educational disaster that is Common Core; the unreasonable and costly Affordable Care Act; attempts to rewrite or cancel the Second Amendment, and last but not least, the U.S. foreign policy, which has cost the country a fair chunk of its reputation even in the eyes of its allies. These are the things Trump promises to fix.

Thirdly, Trump is “clean”, as much as it is possible for a politician to be. He was not involved in any major scandals, his origins are not classified and he did not have any interns unzipping his pants in the Oval Office. Compared to Bernard Sanders, who was a member of communist-led organizations and fronts in the past, or Hillary Clinton, who might soon end up behind bars for yet another scandal she got herself into, this almost makes Trump a saint.

As for his Republican opponents, I doubt it is correct to consider Donald their fellow party member anymore. Trump’s brash way of speaking and debating has exposed many Republicans as mere
establishment stooges who are not ready or willing to take decisive action, want to maintain the status quo and/or are in bed with various interest groups and foreign lobbies instead of serving their country. This is especially true for Jeb “I speak Spanish at home” Bush. A lot of Donald’s success is owed precisely to his brazen speechcraft, as well as near-complete immunity to sarcasm and passive-aggressive jabs that his enemies are so fond of. The amount of venom and hatred the Republicans hurl at Trump for pointing their flaws out makes it crystal clear that he is no longer one of them. I doubt he’s losing any sleep over that, though.

What will Trump’s presidency mean for Georgia? Lots of things, both good and bad. The fact that he intends to “have a great relationship with Putin” and considers the Ukrainian crisis “a European problem” is hardly a pleasant thing to stomach. However, he is a businessman and thinks like one, which will inevitably lead him to the conclusion that both Georgia and Ukraine are far more valuable as grateful allies rather than as disgruntled states living in Russia’s shadow. Trump has invested in Georgia before, and will most likely do so again – provided that our government is able to shape up to meet his standards. He is also far more likely to support radical decisions and policies that the Georgian authorities might have to resort to in the highly possible future conflict with ISIS – if America wins back the respect it has lost as of late, the voice of its president will be heard far better than that of spineless wimps running the EU.

However, I might also be completely wrong about all this. Trump is part of Big Business, and it is impossible to achieve success there without connections. One can only guess what these connections are; for example, I strongly dislike the fact that Donald’s presidential campaign has ties to the Koch family – one of the most opportunistic and unscrupulous groups of businessmen in the U.S. Trump has also many times expressed his support for Israel – a statement that contradicts his non-interventionist views. In the circles where I move in, many people consider his possible presidency to be a pressure valve: An establishment-arranged mechanism that would allow conservative-minded Americans to vent their extreme frustration with how things are going - while not really changing anything about the way their country is run. This will prevent the pent-up bitterness from escalating into an actual civil conflict.

Trump promises a lot of things, and we won’t really know whether he can deliver until we see him in action. Still, he is the best presidential candidate America has - notwithstanding the pet wolverine living on his head.

Author: Zura Amiranashvili
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