Unique discovery in Georgia may change the world history: Remains of giant animals found in Baghdati
04 November, 2016
Unique discovery in Georgia may change the world history: Remains of giant animals found in Baghdati
The people of this small town of Baghdati in the western Georgian region of Imereti may soon find themselves at the center of the world’s attention: On the banks of Khanistskali river a jaw-dropping discovery was made as the fossilized remains of a giant tortoise, a dinosaur and large fish have been uncovered. The researchers think that these remains date back to as far as several hundred centuries and if this is confirmed, Baghdati will become one of the world-important sites.

As for Nino Bazanov, who discovered the abovementioned remains, may be inscribed in the history of Georgia forever. This story will be told to the public by Kviris Palitra newspaper which talked to Ms. Bazanov.

Nino Bazanov: On September 10 I was walking near the Khanistskali river together with my family. On the left bank of the river the landslide had happened and when my little son ran towards that place I followed him. Suddenly I noticed that the stones on that place were of very strange form. I am a geographer, chemist and biologist by profession and I instantly realized that they were the remains of some animals.
- What animals?

- Some of them had a form of tortoises and I also saw something very similar to a crocodile’s tail. There are about a hundred of different remains. The banks of the river are reinforced by limestone boulders. I have known those stones since my childhood but it has only been several years since I began to inspect them more thoroughly. The remains are scattered 25-30 meters from Bondi bridge and the place looks like a caravan.

- How can you explain this unique discovery?

- When a living organism is turned into fossilized one, it can be explained by the influence of pressure and temperature – you can see volcanic ashes there too. As for the dimensions of the animals, they vary. The smallest is approximately 30 kilograms and the largest – about 2 tons. As a result of hydrogenesis, the sizes of these animals were reduced.

The size of one of the giant tortoises is 1.5 meters and the second is 1.25 meters long. These remains must be carefully studied before the river washes them away.

In Imereti’s Sataplia area the tracks of the dinosaurs were discovered years ago and if the Bagdati discovery is confirmed, the scientists will be able to say a lot more about the
Earth’s past. We know the dinosaurs existed many millions of years ago, but where did they live specifically? This question will be answered if Bagdati’s discoveries are confirmed.

- Did you address the corresponding institutions?

- I did contact the governmental institutions and even wrote a letter to the President and the Prime Minister too. Nobody has come to Baghdati yet because this discovery was made during the pre-election period. There is a regional institution of preservation of historical sites and they wrote the letter to the Tbilisi State University. A historian and a geographer arrived and could not hide their amazement when they arrived.

So I want to address every competent person, who can begin to work on this unique discovery: this is a huge finding and if it is confirmed, the history of the world and the uniqueness of Georgia will become even more interesting. And this will contribute to the growing of tourism industry.

By Tornike Kajrishvili

Published in Kviris Palitra

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