Andrey Makarevich Doesn’t Want to Believe that Putin Doesn’t Care about his Country
07 August, 2012
 Andrey Makarevich Doesn’t Want to Believe that Putin Doesn’t Care about his Country

The soloist of the Russian band “Mashina Vremeni” Andrey Makarevich addressed Russia’s President Vladimir Putin with an open letter. Russian media releases the content of the letter.
“I don’t believe that you don’t care about the country that elected you as President to such extent”, Makarevich said.
The singer criticises the corruption and the judicial system of Russia.
Makarevich writes that the whole country knows about the corruption, though they prefer to be silent. The singer says that people disturbed by the corruption

do not even address the court.
“Everything will end in disaster if the situation is not radically changed”, the singer addresses the Russia’s President.
Makarevich calls on Putin to make serous changes to the current situation in the country.
As the Russian media informs, Andrey Makarevich has many times participated in poltical events. During the Presidential election, he supported Putin’s opponent, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

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