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Iconic Georgian couple - Happy Valentine’s Day
14 February, 2017
14 February marks Valentine’s Day.Many nations across the world celebrate this day and Georgia is no exception. The tradition of gifting beloved ones with presents and flowers has been firmly established during past years. Due to this beautiful day we present to you the images of one of the most outstanding and charming Georgian couples. The images feature the lovely couple of Georgian actor Otar Koberidze and actress Lia Eliava in their young age and after several decades still together.

Otar was born on December 17, 1924. After graduating from the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Institute in Tbilisi, he first worked in Sokhumi Drama. Theater and then in Marjanishvili Academic Theater, as an actor. He also took part in various movies, playing roles of many legendary persons. He has participated in more than 50 films and, as a director, has worked on several more. He also was a scriptwriter. Bashi Achuki; Mamluk; Burden of a Woman; Children of Others; Last Day, First Day; The Children of the Sea; Data Tutashkhia; The Little Prince – this is just a short list of the movies Otar Koberidze played in.

Lia Eliava, a Georgian actress, had English blood along with Georgian running through her veins.  In the 1970s Eliava’s photo was on the cover of the New Year’s edition of the Polish magazine Screen. Lia was declared by the magazine to be the most beautiful European actress and the face of the year.

They were considered one of the most attractive celebrity couple in Georgia.

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