28 July, 2011


Georgian-American military trainings

From July 18 to August 1 on Vaziani training ground within the frame of Agile Spirit military training about one thousand Georgian and American militaries will master neutralization of simulated rebels and peaceful operations…On July 18 international military training s.v.

Agile Spirit has started on Vaziani training ground where the 4th infantry brigade of Georgian Armed Forces is deployed.


According to the official information the aim of the training is to extend coordination of the military units, assist them in sharing their own abilities and mutual strengthening during operations against rebels and in peaceful operations. It seems that the American marines are tasked to train the personnel of the 4th infantry brigade before sending them to Afghanistan.

In September of 2009 the American marines began training of the 3rd infantry brigade personnel at the Krtsanisi training center to participate in ISAF operations in Afghanistan. From April to November of 2010 31st battalion of 3rd infantry brigade trained by American marines was in Afghanistan. On rotation, it was substituted by 32nd battalion that in its turn was substituted by 33rd battalion in the spring of 2011.

Up-to-date the 33rd battalion is still in Helmand province of Afghanistan and in autumn it’s time for their substitution.

The 3rd infantry brigade has no more infantry battalions and for this reason it’s likely that the 4th infantry battalion will take the mission of the 3rd battalion upon themselves. By the way one parallel can be drawn here. By the end of July, 2008 multinational military training took place in which about one thousand Americans took part. The training ended at the beginning of August and in several days Russian-Georgian war ensued.

It’s hard to say in advance whether the American marines will teach the Georgian militaries on the Vaziani training ground how to use reconnaissance ‘crow’ in combat operations but it must be said that it wouldn’t be bad.

One month prior to coming to Georgia on June 22-26 the representatives of ‘Black Sea 11th Rotation Forces’ together with militaries of Bulgaria and Serbia held military training on one of the training grounds of Bulgaria.

The underway military training on Vaziani training ground headed by ‘Black Sea 11th Rotation Forces’ is of the broadest scale within one year and it doesn’t seem to be the last.

The USA Marine corps has planned to train its reservists together with militaries of south-eastern Europe, Caucasus and Black Sea region partner countries – Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Monternegro and Croatia.

Today the aim of these trainings is to retrain the military contingent of those partner countries (as unified military training) that participate in the ISAF operations in Afghanistan.

But when the Afghan epopee ends (in 2014, as planned, or later), the Black Sea 11th Rotation Forces’ will presumable have seriously settled in the Black Sea region, concretely in Romania and its very likely that by that time the Americans will pick up additional places of dislocation in Bulgaria and even in Georgia and it obviously will be followed by sharp reaction on part of Russian authorities, another Black Sea country.


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