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19 February, 2013
and-the-eu.html">Georgia and the EU
  • The Future in Georgia
  • Georgia: Open or Closed
  • The End of Cars
  • Initiatives, decisions, and planning
  • We Need More Small Workshops
  • The British Prime Minister, News Corp and Georgia
  • Building and Preserving
  • Internet Gambling in Georgia
  • Labor Code and Civil Service Reform
  • Winners, Losers and Unity
  • Crime, Police, and Prisoners
  • The smart people outside the room
  • Pirates and Platforms
  • Consensus, Discussion and Trust
  • The Problem With the Civil Service
  • Time for USAID to Open Up
  • Who Owns Cyprus and Georgia
  • Can Georgia Regulate?
  • Giving Out Information?
  • The US and Chechnya
  • Bring Back the Old Police
  • Abortion, Education and Demographics
  • Privacy and a Compromats
  • Who will be arrested?
  • Were's the Money?
  • Experts Talking About Georgia's Orientation
  • Iran and Georgia's future
  • Public Space and Private Interest
  • How to Turn The Page
  • Open Text Books
  • Who is the Chief Operating Officer of the Government of Georgia?
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