Nino Salukvadze – Georgia’s Olympic Flag Bearer
02 August, 2012
Nino Salukvadze – Georgia’s Olympic Flag Bearer

hooter Nino Salukvadze, the legend of the Georgian sports was a proud presence for the Georgian lookers-on at the Olympic march of the athletes at the London Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony on July 27, 2012. Nino has truly deserved the honor. She is the only athlete from Georgia who possesses the whole set of Olympic medals – gold, silver and bronze. Gold and silver medals in sport pistol and air pistol events she won in Seoul in 1988 as an USSR team member. At that time, she was only 19 years of age. 

Twenty years had passed since then when at her sixth Olympics the 39-year old athlete from Georgia won a bronze medal in Beijing. Nino Salukvadze continues to be in perfect shape, training under the instructions of her father, her irreplaceable coach. Nino still has a very sharp eye for the target, a very steady hand for a weapon to handle and an enviable physique. Who else could have carried Georgia’s national flag as firmly and as confidently in the strong and well-balanced hands if not she who is used so much to a firm grip on a pistol!

Nino is a functioning promising member of the Georgian crew, and the expectations are still high of her performance although she is little by little approaching the honorable age of sharing her experience with the younger generations of pistol wizards. Incidentally, Nino Salukvadze has been teaching for quite a while and she is very hopeful that her dedicated apprentices have every reason for dreaming to repeat their teacher’s success, though it might be not so easy to achieve. The attempt to emulate the famous instructor should not hurt, should it?  Nino’s attractive personality makes her even more likable – modest and compassionate, helpful and with a subtle sense of tact; it is just a pleasure to be in her company. That’s why her pupils are trying to epitomize her so much. Her wonderful family is the biggest fan of hers, and she knows that her kids and husband keep hoping that the schooling, wisdom and experience which normally come with the age will keep their darling mom in the arena for a while.

Nino Salukvadze is competing with vigor and confidence and nobody wants to exclude her outstanding success in London as well. The great lady of peaceful weaponry is a true Olympian with her sporting stand, durability and stamina

for victory, but victory never came easily. The triumph came to her only as a result of the hardest possible work. She is already into the London contest for the Olympic gold, silver or bronze – any of those awards would make good symbol of continuation of her Olympic readiness. Let’s wait and see what happens although Nino is already guaranteed to have her precious name inscribed in gold forever in the annals of Georgia’s sporting history.

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