NDI Report About The Government Seizing Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Assets
29 June, 2012
 NDI Report About The Government Seizing Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Assets

Party financing has long been a topic of discussion in Georgia, where disparities among parties’ resources have traditionally been dramatic, the NDI report reads.
“At the end of 2011, Parliament was seen to amend the law on political unions in reaction to unprecedented levels of political spending by Mr. Ivanishvili. The same legislation empowered the Financial Monitoring Department of the State Audit Agency (Chamber of Control) with enforcing the new law”, the report reads.
Following the report, State Audit Agency has levied millions of dollars in fines, predominantly against Ivanishvili and his political coalition the Georgian Dream.
“The most prominent case thus far involves a recent decision regarding a contribution related to the distribution of satellite dishes. Critics of the Agency cite the hastiness of the process and assert the amount of the levies is unreasonable. Others believe Mr. Ivanishvili is utilizing vast resources to challenge the laws and institutions of the country,

and that violations of the law must be punished. Civil society organizations and many opposition political parties with which the delegation met expressed concern regarding the lack of impartiality of the judiciary in enforcing electoral and campaign finance legislation”, the report reads.
NDI pre-election delegation declares that Ivanishvili initially paid fines imposed, but has recently refused to pay the largest and most recent fines.
“In response, the government has begun to seize his assets. Fines have also been levied against the ruling United National Movement, but these have been relatively minor.
New guidelines are being developed with civil society input regarding the operation of the Agency and efforts are being made to more proactively communicate about its activities”, the report reads.