19 July, 2012

Interview with Mikheil Machavariani, General Secretary of ‘National Movement’

From the interview you’ll learn what Mikheil Machavariani, Parliamentary Vice-Speaker and General Secretary of ‘National Movement’ thinks about Karaleti confrontation and processes connected with the ‘Kartu’ Bank. 


M.M. – Whatever happened in Karaleti mustn’t be repeated. We all should be on our guard in order not to allow election campaign develop beyond legislative limits. Everybody who infringed law in Mereti and other places will be kept responsible.

Q. – Somebody told Kakhi Kaladze in Karaleti settlement that his brother died because he didn’t pay money.

M.M. – We don’t want to be involved in this argument. ‘Georgian Dream’ supporters will see that Kakhi Kaladze was told bad things about his brother but our supporters will see that it’s already second meeting that Kakhi Kaladze is shouting at people. It’s important for us that the meetings are held in quiet circumstances.

Q. – Let’s discuss the sanctions imposed on ‘Kartu’ Bank. It was said that the authorities’ aim was to make the Bank bankrupt, not sell it.

M.M. – Charity of ‘Kartu’ Fund, whether it was legitimate or not, continued despite its connection with Ivanishvili and somebody could inquire whether it was connected with buying of votes. Our citizens were getting certain sums on monthly basis. In any civilized country it would be considered as buying votes.

Q. – How would you explain arrest of satellite antennae that belonged to ‘Maestro’ TV Company?

M.M.- Investigation is on and as far as I know there are many proofs that these antennae

were scarcely connected with ’Maestro’ business project. We admitted ‘Must Carry’ and I declare with full responsibility that there won’t be any political force unable to take it’s words to voters.

Q. – A candidate for the post of majority MP has already been nominated by ‘Georgian Dream’ in Sachkhere. Who will be the ‘National Movement’s’ candidate?

M.M. – Our candidate in Sachkhere has already been determined but I won’t give his name now. But I can say that he is from Sachkhere.

Q.- I’ve been notified that in centers of some villages of Sachkhere ‘Georgian Dream’ flags are flying.

M.M. – It’s nothing to be amazed at. Let them fly, what’s the problem?!

Q. – NDI studies show that the number of people who say that there is no democracy in the country has increased.

M.M. – That’s why wed do everything in order to hold fair elections. The main thing is that people like the direction in which Georgia is being developed. For us studies aren’t only figures; the main thing is to give adequate answer to outlined problems.