‘If Assange had not existed, somebody else would take his place’
16 December, 2010
‘If Assange had not existed, somebody else would take his place’

‘The issue of defensive arms trade with Georgia remains suspended because of Russian position. We have to equip Georgia with radars at least,’ says McCain in his statement reported by Washington Post.

The whole European Union is busy, discussing expected Russian WTO membership, despite the facts that in Russia five journalists were killed last year and democracy and international law are trampled under the heels of bureaucratic logic there.
We reviewed the events that recently unfolded in Georgia and abroad with political expert Kakha  Katsitadze:
Q: The arrest of recent terrorist suspects generated a mixed reaction in the public. Some people say Russian intelligence is in a grave state, others are suspicious about so called terrorists with folklore nicknames such as Kochoia.
A: The television news left me with a feeling of something untold. There are many reasons. I could not properly ascertain to what organization Borisov belongs. Imedi TV called him a military intelligence officer of Russian GRU, while Rustavi-2 TV claimed he was FSB-affiliated. But that’s not the end of the story. I cannot see any sense in depicting this Kochoia as the Road Runner or publicizing a contact phone number. The details of the case will be known at the end of the court proceedings. So far, nothing really impresses me about the whole story.
Q: “If there is democracy, it should be observed. Why did they imprison him?  Is this democracy?” – This was a comment of Putin on the detainment of WikiLeak’s Assange.
A: Poor Assange not only implicated himself in the international scandal, but his name now is used by many for their respective political agenda. Naturally, Putin uses the issue in his relations with the audience.
Q: After the detainment of Assange it became known that daily newspapers copied all secret documents published by WikiLeaks for their re-publication. Is there any chance that somebody uses WikiLeaks to spread concocted stories?
A: Of course, there is. Information published by WikiLeaks reached a formidable scale. If somebody goes to a certain length, dishonesty and falsification would be a piece of cake. It’s another inalienable effect of globalization, just like drug trafficking or international terrorism. But I hope the risk associated with WikiLeaks will not be as big.
So I assert that if Assange had not existed, somebody else would take his role. When I studied at the Faculty of International Relations, I wondered how and at what level important State decisions are made

in various countries. Basically I wanted to learn about mechanisms underlying the decision-making process. So I found out that American policy is formed not only on conceptual basis, internal and external political circumstances but also - perhaps more importantly – by the system of decision-making. Most of the WikiLeaks material represents diplomatic reports to State Department with lowest level of confidentiality. Here is a catch, if you like. In other words, so called secrets busted by WikiLeaks concerns solely the activities of diplomats in the State Department. Nothing else, no correspondence of military attaches, no messages of CIA residents. Hence, a conclusion prompts that the anarchist group could not break in the Pentagon and CIA sites and archives. The only thing they managed to do was a stealthy entry into the software system of State Department.
The United States has a very complicated mechanism of decision-making. It’s therefore funny to hear from Russians that one can tell just from ambassadorial reports about who the States believe are the warmongers. Once I read in public academic works that such decisions mostly are made in the State Security Council of the United States. It seems all the information gathers there. Naturally, in the days of any crisis, ambassadors of any country including the United States in Moscow or Tbilisi are required and do send reports and analyses to their centers.
Washington is a hub of other information also. For instance, so little is the number of people who have heard of the largest intelligence service of the United States which is called National Security Agency, a paramilitary organization with many unknowns about its activities. By the way, years ago this organization managed to tape Brezhnev’s phone conversations regularly. The agency has quite a strong satellite network and in case of necessity it can easily borrow the recourses of other agencies.
Consequently, making conclusions only on the basis of ambassadorial reports and saying that the White House was thinking and doing this and that is a completely naive way of judgment. As I told you, ambassadorial reports tabled by WikiLeaks is just a minor segment of a large global network with a hub in Washington where decisions are made based on the analysis of a myriad of infobits. Nothing from whatever has been published so far, can be used to prove anything.
Yet, WikiLeaks disclosed a few disturbing notes which I am sure will affect international relations: Saudi King is reported to have called for an attack on Iran, while in UAE correspondence Arabs made fun of French Rafael air fighters.


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