Find Your Happy Place
20 January, 2011
Find Your Happy Place

One inescapable fact of life, “for most of us” is that we must do something to pay the bills. Although, the pursuit of happiness can sometimes resemble chasing one’s own tail when we think about the bad days at work and the seemingly endless list of things to do before we can spend a little “free time” somewhere. There is another fact of life; “at least I think so” if you take time to make time, you will be able to escape the daily grind. Of course, we all have our own way of unplugging. For example, unless you are a workaholic who may never stop to smell the roses, then you are much like me and you also think that a balance between business and pleasure is the best way to stay sane in what can sometimes seem like a mad mad world. Now and then, an unscheduled day off from work can help tip the scales when stress levels are near the boiling point, but I like to keep an even keel from day to day by getting out to some place special whenever I can. Now, I know my idea of a special place will not be agreed upon by all, but most of us have some place that is different from any other, a happy place as I like to say. It could be a comfortable chair in your living room where you relax and reflect on another passing day, or perhaps you like to walk in the same park every morning to get ready for whatever the day may bring. Consequentially, moving to a foreign country tends to disrupt a person’s daily routine. Therefore, I have had to find new ways to achieve that all important sense of balance in my life. In contrast to my current way of life, I had several places that are still very special to me. However, here in Tbilisi I have found one or two new spots that help ease tension caused by the proverbial rat-race. One example is an old horse racing track that provides an environment quite suitable for walking, running, cycling and a wide range of other leisure activities. Of course, I do enjoy spending time there, but it doesn’t really measure up to a warm summer day out on Burton pond, back home in New Hampshire. Just imagine, walking down an old wooded path with

your long time fishing buddy, “the one who straps the canoe to his truck the night before, so you can head to the pond right after work” and at the end of the path, you have, “paradise”. To some, it may seem like an exaggeration but as I said, we all have a special place and this is mine. Unfortunately, it probably won’t fully be appreciated by anyone who is not into fishing, the pond does have more to offer than big bass. If you need to get away from the frantic pace of city life, then this is the place to do so. With its calm waters and blue sky surrounded by a picturesque forest landscape, you will forget the rest of the world exists, as I often have while drifting around searching for my own big fish story. Back in the here and now, I haven’t been out fishing yet but my bicycle comes in handy when I need to unplug. It really is amazing how something so simple can distract me from so many of the little annoyances. Sometime the commute to work or just too much to do once you finally get there can be all consuming, or maybe you haven’t  had a vacation in a long long time. But, whatever the case may be I find that having a, “special place” no matter how ordinary it seems to everyone else, can make even the worst day that much better and a good day one you will never forget. Tell me, what’s yours?