14 July, 2011

Karekin II criticized by Armenians

‘In the video recording spread through internet, Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians once again displayed his education, manner and essence of mentality’ – this was the comment of ‘Aravot’, Armenian news publication on the video showing the meeting of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia and Karekin II.

The material of ‘Aravot’ is spread by ‘news.am’ agency. ‘It was once again proved that Karekin II is not distinguished from our oligarchs for whom the way of settling relations is ‘bazaar’ and ‘spelling things out.’ In the video the Catholicos looks like a Mafioso from a serial,’ – writes ‘Aravot’ and adds, - Having such a Catholicos for Armenia is not accidental, he is the mirror of mental and spiritual degradation.

It was strange that at the meeting the spiritual leader of Armenia tried to use familiar manners with Ilia II but this was mildly opposed by the latter. It is not known what are the norms of etiquette in the ‘business-elite’ of Armenian Church but in our country ordinary Armenians display honor to the elderly people and don’t constantly tap their knees’- writes ‘Aravot’.

Gia Khukhashvili, expert: ‘Armenian people were worried by the Catolicos’s manners and they displayed adequate reaction. Having seen the video one can’t but agree with the Armenian publication. By familiarly addressing his Holiness and tapping his knee like a cool guy the Armenian Chief Priest didn’t insult only our Patriarch. He knew that the whole Georgia was watching the video.

By his conduct he insulted all of us. He knew that the whole Armenia was watching it. By his modesty and love our Patriarch took this awkward situation to the end with dignity. At the end, Karekin II’s reaction made it obvious that he realized his grave mistake but tried not to be discouraged. It’s a pity that as a response to this bad story the Georgian Parliament unconditionally supported Karakin II. This is the Parliament, bashful Speaker and vice Speaker of which have for many times been seen in the Church with their lamb’s eyes.

Q. – According to the lawyers the status and enactment of the law will change nothing.

G. Kh. – Nuances of the law are not important. The state and the Church in a country like Georgia should conduct unified policy. This was said by His Holiness when speaking with the Catholicos of Armenians; we aren’t against giving the status but the same rights

must be enjoyed by Georgian Orthodox Church in Armenia. This is an absolutely civilized parity. But the Georgian Parliament deprived the Georgian Patriarchate of this lever.

Georgia has always been a country that created no problems to other religions despite their juridical status. The Parliament has intentionally interfered and failed the Patriarch’s negotiations.

Everything has its time and place. Karekin II’s behavior and the follow-up events made it obvious that the Georgian Authorities did everything the way Karekin II desired and trampled upon the Patriarchate’s position. Karekin II’s behavior indicated that the outcome was guaranteed to him. Despite this the worries of the Armenian people were adequate. Such a conduct of spiritual leader insults the dignity of Armenian people.