A few words about Georgian Journal
15 September, 2010

A few words about Georgian Journal

We are over four years old already and we have published the 100th issue recently.

Our team comprises persons of different ages, diverse tastes and - strange as it seems - different genders.

We all make up a biggish think tank situated in the office of ‘Kviris Palitra Publishers’ who happen to be our founders.
Because we differ from each other, we make a different newspaper. Anyway, that’s what our readers are telling us.
We hope to stay different, eclectic and optimistic as you, our dear readers are!

You’d like to read our minds?  Read Georgian Journal!



Consulting Editor
Nugzar B. Ruhadze
Valery Chkadua
Executive Editor

Geno Jokhidze

Otar Mateshvili
GJ for kids Editor
Giorgi  Shamkhalashvili
Designer Zura Nikolaishvili
Desktop Publisher Lola Khubua
AdvertisingManager Lika Lazariashvili
International Observer Sopo Kakhiani