16 February, 2012


Leader of ‘Christian-Democrats’ about the visit in America

We began our interview with Giorgi Targamadze, leader of ‘Christian-Democrats’ and Parliamentary minority with the issue of his and President Mikheil Saakashvili’s visit to USA.

Q. – When the President’s and your visit to USA coincided, some people said that the President took to America a suitable-for-him oppositionist.

G.T. – My visit was planned by the American side; therefore I had meetings with our American partners in those structures and organizations to which Mikheil Saakashvili went four days later. Our American partners support not Saakashvili or any other person but the Georgian people, their partners in this complex region; they support democratic values, observation of human rights and the principles that make foundation of current leading democracy.

If you consider an experienced friends’ advice it will bring you benefit. The Americans’ attitude to us differs from that of Russians’.

Q. – It was published in American press that Saakashvili had to give way to another leader but Saakashvili’s team says that it doesn’t mean he can’t be ‘National Movement’s representative.

G.T. – They won’t say that they will quit, will they? After 2012 elections Georgia can establish multi-party democracy by consolidating democratic forces. Georgia can draw vast financial resources. I’ll give you a shocking figure: $ 12 trillion financial resource is frozen today in investment funds of major financial institutions. Instability of world economic market doesn’t enable world investors to act boldly. This money is prone to find the ground for development. We can attract even a very small part of $ 12 trillion in case we go through 2012 elections without stagger and elect a pluralistic Parliament.

Q. – Ivanishvili’s coalition and ‘National Movement’ are named as main rivals for the coming Parliamentary elections.

G.T. – By financial resources ‘National Movement’ and Ivanishvili’s block will indeed be the rivals; but according to sociological surveys carried out by these political forces the gathered votes don’t exceed 65%. There remain bout 35% of those active voters who want to support third political force. I say without exaggeration that we have the potential to become the third political force.

For those people who know the ABC of politics it’s clear that in Georgian political reality it’s impossible even theoretically for one election entity to complete the Parliament by constitutional majority, i.e. 2/3 of seats unless revolutionary processes develop before

the elections. I think Ivanishvili’s declared goal and his strategy oppose each other.

Expectation of the part of society who thought that the letters published by Ivanishvili would dissolve the ‘National Movement’ didn’t come true.

Q. – And finally I’d like to ask you about the declaration of the Patriarchate concerning building of mosques in Georgia and the attitude of Ankara to proposals of Georgian side.

G.T. – It’s continuation of the policy of ignoring that Saakashvili’s authorities display with regard to Georgian church. We call on the powers to urgently change this policy. The status of Georgian church must be determined as that of higher rate and be given the status of privileged religion.