TR - Temporary Residence
28 October, 2010

Anna Vachadze

In previous article we discussed one of the most important issues like citizenship and ways how to acquire it. Now I propose to discuss the temporary residence in Georgia, why it is needed and what is to be done to have it.

As I said before, citizenship has very important meaning; it is an individual’ s political and legal connection with the country, which is expressed in mutual rights and obligations between these two subjects (country and individual) so the procedure takes time and red-tape, accordingly. But if an individual does intend to lose connection with his/her country by getting the citizenship of another country, then getting a permit of temporary residence is a good solution. In Georgia, the Civil Registry Agency (which is a public body, reportable to the Ministry of Justice) is equipped with the power to grant TR. So there are a few conditions to be met in order to apply for temporary residence. The most common of those are studying or doing business in Georgia. Any person, who has reached the age of 18, is authorized to submit an application to obtain a residence permit. Issue of residence permit to persons, aged less than 18 years, is considered on the basis of an application of their representatives. In such a case, a notarized written agreement of parents, guardian or any other or legal representatives is necessary. Temporary residence card is issued to person or a foreigner willing to stay in Georgia for not more than 6 years and not less than 90 days: a) Engaged in labor activity in Georgia according to the regulation, established in the Georgian legislation, including persons of free profession; b) Arrived to Georgia for medical treatment or study; c) Invited by the respective sectoral governmental institution as a qualified expert or a figure of art and his invitation is related to state interests; d) A custodian or a guardian of a citizen of Georgia; e) A ward of a citizen of Georgia; f) A spouse, parent, son, daughter, adopter, adoptee, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather; g) If there can be a reasonable belief, that the person is a victim of human traffic (trafficking), or an aggrieved person envisaged in the Georgian Law “On Struggle Against Human Traffic (Trafficking)”; h) Participating in consideration of his/her application in the Commission for the Restitution and Compensation or Commission Board.
There are the list of a documentation

you need for your application: Copy of a foreign passport or travel document; Copy of the document, verifying his/her legal presence in Georgia, if the person is in Georgia, when the documents are being submitted (Georgian visa, certified dates of crossing of the Georgian boarder, etc.); Document verifying labor activity in Georgia (labor contract or any other employment document); for persons of free profession - a certificate from bank, depicting turnover of sums on his/her personal account for the last year, for students a certificate from an educational institution on enrollment or continuance of study of a foreigner; Legal income document; Receipt of payment for service; 2 photos 3x4; After submitting the application for TR you may be asked for an interview by official letter in the immigration department of Civil Registry Agency, about the details of your activity. In case of rejecting your application you have the right to apply for TR again after one month. I wish you good luck and once again remind you about the web-site of Civil Registry Agency where you can find more details about the above-discussed issue