“I Worry about Authorities Staying after Elections Then about Safety of Enterprise”
23 February, 2012
“I Worry about Authorities Staying after Elections Then about Safety of Enterprise”

Leader of Industrialists expresses solidarity with Bidzina Ivanishvili

“I publicly pledge through your newspaper that I will stand by Bidzina Ivanishvili,” – told us Gogi Topadze, Kazbegi Company President and Leader of ‘Industrialists’.


A: Everybody asks me if Bidzina Ivanishvili will make it to the power. There is no doubt that this man will make it. These Authorities will not loath any means to counter him but Bidzina will prevail. There is always something that one cannot retreat any more. The people are filled with despair.

The world understood that Saakashvili used up all the resources. One of the American newspapers closely examined the Saakashvili-Obama dialogue which nobody talks about here. When they talked about democracy, Obama told him that democracy is if they lost the elections, Republicans would come to power and the entire team would be replaced. Saakashvili replied that he would leave. He added that if they lose, the President and his team would leave, and if they did something wrong, the Republicans would make them accountable for it. With these words he made everything clear.

I don’t say anything about Russians. In two weeks Putin is going to return to the Presidential office for another 12 years. Our current relation with Russia, no matter if this country is good or bad, is self-destructive. Putin reveled through his statements that he is intent on changing of political line regarding the Georgian problem. However, he and other candidates are openly adamant not to talk with Saakashvili. Russia faces such a stressful situation in the North Caucasus that, they need us as a partner. We have to take advantage of this chance.

The key to the solution of Abkhazian and Tskhinvali problems lies in Moscow. No one can help us, not even Americans or Europeans. These Authorities talk about democracy but where is a real democracy? Real democracy was created by Vaclav Havel in Czech Republic. Democracy can be found in the Scandinavian countries. Do we have democratic elections, free and fair trial, humane justice system or free media or what? Is this democracy?!

Q: Are you, the Industrialists, going to join Bidzina Ivanishvili’s coalition?

A: Perhaps Bidzina cares for me. He is not saying anything about it yet. He does not want to see our company targeted. This is the reason behind his silence. Heads of our district organizations are coming to Tbilisi and call us to hurry up. If I were only a politician!

There are thousands behind our business! If not for that reason, nobody would have been faster in joining the coalition than me. We will stand by Bidzina in any case – be it victory or defeat – because he wants to save the country.

Q: Some say Gogi Topadze demonizes Republicans in Ivanishvili’s eyes…

A: Maybe we differ in our views but they are educated people. I respect them. I have never uttered a word of disdain in their regard. Today we are members of the same team. We cannot talk bad language to each other.

Q: Don’t you fear that after you enter the coalition, your enterprise may face problems?

A: I worry more about the current Authorities staying even after the elections than about the safety of my enterprise. If they stay, my grand children won’t be able to speak Georgian any longer.

Q: Perhaps you are aware of Ivanishvili’s desire to create the all out front consisting of all those political forces which have been fighting the current Authorities for years…

A: We have not talked about this issue in detail. The fact that politics is a dirty business governed by completely different principles, is new to Bidzina. I think he is gradually changing his attitude towards those who he used to dislike. So, the coalition may witness more forces joining it. As Bidzina says, two political poles will shape up. So, any force will have to make a choice between these two poles. Soon, everything will be crystallized. More people will decide to opt for Bidzina’s side.