Homo Politicus
03 May, 2012
Homo Politicus

(Look for Homo Economicus in the previous issue!). When we are talking about a Georgian model of a political animal, we need to be extremely cautious in terms of choosing the adequately descriptive vocabulary. A chance of getting hurt in this realm of our life is equal to utmost human vulnerability. 

And I hate to injure anybody’s fragile political conscience in any branch-out of the aisle. Here, we have to do with a phenomenon, qualifying as a perfect mixture of toughness and delicacy, robustness and fragility, harshness and frailty, ruggedness and infirmity – all at the same time! This creature’s routinely frequent mutation makes the describer of the species extremely susceptible to errors which may not be forgiven easily. Any regular but unwelcome comment could be blown into an unhappy end as a minimum. Politics has always been a major attraction in Georgia, especially before and after the soviet era – not in the weird soviet age of our societal genesis of course! In the bygone soviet times we all looked and sounded as nonsensical walking political corpses. That was an extremely hard moral job to digest, but very easy to live with as long as we wished and managed to stay away from anti-soviet heresy. In other words, compromise was the safest way of life. A Georgian politician per se has gone through many waters and fires and was tempered via countless political vicissitudes in the last two hundred years. So, the Georgian political history is forging our contemporary politicians into weathered man and women with a considerable background of resolute struggle for truth and justice. In this context, my modest grasp of history is giving me a sensation that our local type of a political animal has enough valiancy to fearlessly fight but lacks clarity of target; fearlessly goes towards the goal, but needs a better sense of existent priorities; works the public with an astounding success but stumbles over planning the future; possesses enough courage to defy the adversarial assault but shrugs at the exigency of further actions; has ambitious determination to be a singular leader but goes short when it comes to leadership technicalities; wants to dexterously monitor public Do’s and Don’ts but can’t always find the calculating facilities for this; desperately loves the Motherland and wishes to leave a deep positive track in its history but real life would often suggest the contrary. But to stop

whining at this point, there is certain good news which needs to be noticed too: generation after generation, the Georgian political animal is being trained by the time and national and international experience so well that the chance of optimizing the political process in this country becomes realistically tangible. It is my most bothering dream to live long enough to see the indigenous species of political animal achieve its political goal with supreme political conscience and the highest knowledge of political science, with patience for fellow politicians and tolerance for other political ideals so that we are all winners in the finale. (Look for Homo Civicus in the next issue!).