“They Cause Troubles But I Keep Fighting”
10 May, 2012
“They Cause Troubles But I Keep Fighting”


“Mercedes may revoke its investment in Georgia”

The turmoil around the Georgian representation of German automobile manufacturing company Mercedes may develop  into an international scandal. The Asatiani family has lost a legal action begun against them by their former partner Davit Dzotsenidze, and has to forego 20% of Aka LTD shares in Dzotsenidze’s favor. On top of it, they have to pay him GEL 900 000. Allegedly, this is the size of accumulated returns due by the family to Dzotsenidze.

Read the exclusive interview with Maka Asatiani:


A: All these things are directly linked to my active involvement in TV Company Maestro. Conclusions are easy to make, especially when even a lawyer of the opposite side admits that everything would have been fine if not for the Maka’s political preferences, associated with the opposition. Dzotsenidze’s behavior is absolutely devoid of any logic. Originally, he was hired as a mere manager.

Q: Why then did he have a share in the company assets?

A: It was a gift by my father to stimulate his performance but it turned out later that he didn’t care to act honestly. The German side noticed loss of the funds and wrote to my father as early as in 1996 that 200 thousand marks were missing because Dzotsenidze pocketed the money. In the face of those facts and fearing the imprisonment, Dzotsenidze begged for pardon. Therefore, my father did not call police, attributing the crime to Dzotsenidze’s inexperience and immaturity. To put it directly, my father did not punish him. It was obvious that Dzotsenidze did not have anything to return. So, my father let him go his way. 12 years later - in 2008 – Dzotsenidze went to court claiming that he did not know he was not on the list of partners(?!). Most importantly, the Georgian court upheld his absurd argument and satisfied his demand of 20% shares which never belonged to him in the first place. Till 2008, Dzotsenidze had never come forward with such a complaint. What share? The fact was that he begged for a pardon to avoid a prison. Instead of observing the law, the court ignored it, including things such as the age of the case. Isn’t it related to the involvement of Maka Asatiani in TV Company Maestro as one of its founders?

Q: The lawyer of

the Georgian representation of Mercedes stated that the company may abandon the plans to invest in Georgia in the light of this problem.

A: I don’t know what the Central Office of Mercedes will decide. I know only one thing: the Central Office is enraged by such chaos. They are perfectly aware of Dzotsenidze’s reputation. Germans closely studied the documents. They are fully familiar with the hearing of the case at the Georgian court.

I am getting ready to appeal to the Strasburg Court. Swiss lawyers are already engaged.

Q: Are you going to continue financing Maestro?

A: Maestro budget won’t lack anything! Shortly, this TV channel will avail itself with much more resources. I will do everything to make it happen.