Ballroom Dancing
24 May, 2012
Ballroom Dancing

Wasn’t it me who recently said that the Georgians are quick learners? And we truly are. Look at what’s happening with ballroom dancing here! After a somewhat prolonged wait, it has rolled out all over the place – dancing schools are booming, halls are packed full, both the young and the old are getting involved like crazy, television stations are competing to put it forthwith on the screen, papers are commenting breathlessly and the public is applauding with unfailing enthusiasm.

Up until now, there was not much room on the floors for Standard and Latino dances because mostly the traditional national dancing art would dominate theater stages and restaurant podiums, but the grace of the European-style gliding on the parquet and the fire of the Latino-style male-female rhythmic reciprocation on the arena have caught on Georgian hearts and feet, and swept them into the new world of dancing. Interestingly enough, it absolutely matches the Georgian national character, especially the Latin-American dance vibes, exuding passion and sexuality from every pore of the human skin. Many educated minds around are presuming that ballroom dancing will soon become in Georgia one of the most popular national pastimes, which is already being embraced here enthusiastically. Competitions of various levels are also in store for us to watch and learn, and to let it become part of our mainstream culture. It could also be a solid money-maker: payments for classes are soaring and competitions have slowly but surely started generating higher revenues. Wouldn’t also the introduction of ballroom dancing – partially at least – mean the strengthening of our Western image, which we have been adamantly working on in the last quarter of a century? This would mean that there is a certain portion of political rationale in embracing the ballroom dancing too. Listen, if emulating of the West in matters like democracy, market economy and freedom of sex is the token of our westernization, why won’t the ballroom dancing play the same role? To further compound our analytical presumptions, dances like Samba, Salsa and Bachata have a huge potential to finally emancipate the Georgian female population. This probably is one of the reasons of the newly-born infatuation by the Latino dancing among our girls. The attractiveness and vigor of those dances definitely add to sexual appeal of our Georgian babes, already liberated enough to jitter and jiggle the exposed parts of their bodies in that

fiery Latino style. Forget about the young – even I am excited to follow the trend, filling my stiffened veins up with pep and verve. Suffice it to have a momentary glance at the dancing couple, I want to hop onto the floor, grabbing the first fortuitous female partner to whirl around the inviting arena, forgetting forever the awkwardness of my looks, clumsiness of my skill, ineptness of my body and embarrassments of my age. This is all a bunch of nonsense compared to my yearning to be good and young again, using a dance as a perfect medium for rejuvenation. If I could, I would drop anything I am currently doing to make time for dancing away the rest of my life. Ballroom dancing would definitely be the best modus operandi for this dream to come true. So, let’s welcome the dancing on ball room floors in Georgia. What a fascinating change!