President opens new hotel in Batumi
29 May, 2012
President opens new hotel in Batumi

President Mikheil Saakashvili has opened a new five-star hotel "President Plaza" in Batumi, Adjara region of Georgia. Saakashvili viewed the hotel along with his wife Sandra Roelofs. He talked with the employees of the hotel.
The President talked about tourist potential

of Batumi and emphasized importance of similar projects. According to him, more and more locals are being employed in Batumi.
‘Further 60 locals have been employed in this hotel. This building was built by Georgians. Those, who say that everything was bought by foreigners, are lying. The investor bought 500 square meters, but Georgians are working here; taxes are paid in Georgia. We are opening schools with these taxes and building roads’, Saakashvili said.
The hotel was built with local private investment. 14 million laris was spent the construction.