Streetsmart Politics
31 May, 2012
Streetsmart Politics

In the last quarter of a century, bulk of the Georgian politics is being made mostly in the street. If we put together several clinically recognizable features of our national life that consistently occur together as a set of associated social, political and economic symptoms, we may receive a clearly expressed syndrome which I am prone to dub as Streetsmart Politics.


In our case, SPS (Streetsmart Politics Syndrome) has worked effectively and has made a historical difference – it once brought a radical change to our society in the late 80’s and early 90’s of the 20th century, rejecting the soviet version of socialism and adopting a wildish adaptation of capitalism. This happened about a quarter of a century ago, but SPS has never discontinued functioning as one of the most popular stocks in trade, extensively used by political forces in Georgia. The chain of test trials of Streetsmart Politics has been so successful in this country that the Nation is refusing to write it off easily and immediately. It still has a considerable value to it, and it still possesses enough potential for determining the future political developments in the Republic. The question is why. And there is no simple answer to this question. Let us still make an attempt to find some of the answers which might sound most reasonable to those who have already given a thought to the issue. One of the reasons of the SPS persistence in the Land must be our national proclivity to obstruct the globally and historically accepted logic in politics when wisdom and reason is a denominator, and anything pathetic is rejected. As a result, the indoor discussion of current hot issues becomes impossible and street starts serving as the arena for political clashes. Secondly, the overheated political ambitions are eating away on commonsensical logic and reason, and therefore, street becomes the only place where social and political exhaust could be released. There is a third reason that pushes forward the SPS style in politics in Georgia, and that is impatience for the historical events to develop accordingly in time and space. Democracy, freedom, equality, unalienable rights, skill for self-government, government of law, division of powers and unhampered chance to pursue human happiness will not happen overnight. Look at the best examples of statehood in the world which deserves our faithful and attentive emulation – the West! Has it all happened

jiffy-quick either in America or in Europe? It is obvious and universally recognized that in the richest and the happiest of the nations, where prosperity, freedom and democracy have burgeoned to unbelievable extremes, still suffer from lack of prosperity, freedom and democracy. And SPS is not being considered as the most advantageous remedy for the improvement of the quality of life in those countries. Well, if SPS has a chance in Georgia to make life better, let it do its job and make us all happy, but what a way to run a railway! As for me, I would stick politicks indoors and get it cleansed and cured of that garrulous, cantankerous, time-and-money-consuming activity. I personally sense something obtrusively immature in our Streetsmart Politicks. Time to manage the country without friction and strife! Time to check and balance the situation as our rich and famous Western partners have been doing for centuries!