31 May, 2012

The film of ex-minister, director Goga Khaindrava is dedicated to the memory of Irina Enukidze and according to him the film shows the terror carried out by Saakashvili’s authorities against population of Georgia.

G.K. – The film isn’t finished due to the situation in which we all are, when we lack ability to do our business. We’ve been under pressure for years. It has especially increased after 2005 when I left the government, publicly declared about my attitude to this criminal grouping and voiced a lot of facts. I’ve suffered a lot. I was forced to leave the country for several times and migrate together with my family. For almost a year I worked outside the country. My come-back was conditioned by the hope brought to the whole Georgia by Bidzina Ivanishvili’s coming to politics. I’m not in a hurry; I’ll present the film to Georgian and international community when it’s ready. I want to tell Vano Merabishvili and other criminals that they won’t have access to my film.
Earlier, when I was making a film about Zurab Zhvania, the ready material vanished from my studio and we had to do everything anew. Having this experience, this time we copied the film at every stage and stored it in different places.
This film will be a proof that we all went through much shame but I’m sure soon we’ll put a full-stop to all this. I think the film will have its share in this. It isn’t my merit, like it was the film about April 9 that assisted in disintegration of the Soviet Union and birth of new Georgia. The film ends with a sentence passed by Strasbourg court on human rights on Saakashvili, his criminal grouping and terrorist organization called ‘National Movement’.
Why do 2800 Georgian servicemen participate in NATO operations when bigger countries with much more population have smaller contingent there? None of the countries suffers from an imperialist and occupant like Georgia does from Russia. Why doesn’t NATO want to save Georgia from occupation?
I’ve shot everything that has happened in Georgia since 1986; now I’m archiving it. I’ll make a site where you’ll see declarations of politicians and public figures made since 1986. You’ll see who said what and when, what political roads they pursued, what lies they said, and as a result all myths about this or that person will be ruined.
Q. - Are you going to

disclose personal files of everybody?
G.K. – It isn’t disclosure; it’s an archive, documentary stuff. We’ve compiled 186 hours but we can’t do it alone, we’ll need assistance. Up till now the Georgian people was deceiving itself, otherwise I can’t imagine how can a killer be minister of culture? This man is a killer and the whole Georgia knows about it but only Giorgi Khaindrava is talking about it.
Q. – Several days ago Nino Burjanadze declared that unless opposition unites they won’t win and she accused Bidzina Ivanishvili’s milieu in whatever is going on.
G.K. – I’ll never ignore Nino Burjanadze’s ability of self-sacrifice. Georgian people respect her for this feature. But they have questions about her misdeeds too. Our aim is incomparably bigger than any person. Now is time for fighting against authorities, not that of political unity. It doesn’t mean that everybody should be united in one camp.