Protest under way in front of Ministry of IDPs
31 May, 2012
Protest under way in front of Ministry of IDPs

Students are protesting in front of the building of the Ministry of IDPs, Refugees and Resettlement.
According to one of the organizers of the rally, the internally displaced students are not able to get relevant education because of financial problems. He

said ‘IDPs have problems in finding jobs and are not ensured with elementary living conditions’.
According to the organizer, the annual income of Minister of IDPs, Refugees and Resettlement Koba Subeliani is more than 93 000 laris.
‘He lives in luxury, while IDPs live in poorest conditions’, the IDPs say.
Protesters demanded a meeting with Minister Subeliani, after which they were let into the building. They are now meeting with some representatives of the Ministry.
The IDPs say they will hold protests permanently.