U.S. Senator Richard Durbin met with opposition
01 June, 2012
U.S. Senator Richard Durbin met with opposition

U.S. Senator Richard Durbin met with representatives of the Georgian opposition at the hotel "Tbilisi Marriot" yesterday.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the Georgian Dream, the New Rightists Party and Christian – Democratic Movement.
According to Manana Kobakhidze, a representative of the Georgian Dream coalition, the meeting was focused on free media issues.
"We talked about whether the government has provided all the opposition parties with equal coverage in media. We tried to depict

the full picture, though it appeared that the senator was well informed," said Kobakhidze.
He said they also talked about upcoming elections: "His position was unambiguously clear: the United States supports free elections in our country’’.
According to Davit Usupashvili, another representative of the Georgian Dream, the country's security and NATO integration process were also discussed at the meeting.
"I am glad that the Senator today visited the IDPs settlements and the de - facto border area. He is concerned about the fact that at the de-facto border Russians are building buildings, meaning they are going to stay there for a long time. He said that it will not be so, Georgia will be united and the United States will not spare efforts for this", said Usupashvili.