Public Defender’s Address on International Children’s Day
01 June, 2012
Public Defender’s Address on International Children’s Day

Georgian public defender Giorgi Tughushi congratulates all the children on intentional children’s day and says that one of the aims of this day is to remind society of the importance of children’s day. As InterPressNews was told by Public Defender’s office, for more than 60 years, countries of the world have been celebrating this day on 1 June.
“Entertaining events are mostly held on this day, which is positive, though every-day care for you is the most important to me. Protection of children’s rights starts by listening to the children’s opinions every day. We, the grown ups, have to remember that considering your opinions when making decisions is our obligation. I have decided today to address you on children’s day. You have to know that every child has the right to life and development and the state is obliged to take all the measures to protect your rights – the children’s right

convention says. You have the right to hope and have the best expectations that in this state every grown up will work to protect your rights”, the public defender says.
The Pubic Defender says that every child has the right to be equally protected without regard to their religion, nationality, skin color and other differences.
“This means that any of you should be protected from discrimination. If you or your friend feel oppressed due to social condition, limited possibilities or other reasons, or you are not equally treated, you can demand equality”, the address reads.
“You see how simple it is to carry out 4 main principles of children’s’ rights in school houses, public places or other situations. You have to turn the children’s rights into reality. Remember that protection of rights of you and your friends is the most important and dignified thing for me”, Giorgi Tughushi said.