Educational Reality
07 June, 2012
Educational Reality

Human race has accumulated certain amount of knowledge which has historically determined and triggered all the good and the evil that has so far happened to the mankind. Yes, knowledge has been both the source of goodness and the cause of vice. But let us assume for a second that all the accumulated wisdom and experience could be used by humanity only in the context of kind doings.

What might be left for us to fathom now is the scope of knowledge that is going to be used by individuals for better survival, and by the society for optimally planning itself for its further development. In other words, the question is how big our knowledge should be and how far it should go in order for us to make a survival. In my opinion, we need education for acquiring the knowledge which is fit to give us a high quality of life. Knowledge is valued only in case it is translatable into our well-being. I don’t believe in the knowledge which is idle and cannot make a living. Based on this plain and straightforward statement, spontaneous and desultory acquisition of knowledge will not make any sense and might be considered a sheer loss of time, especially in the era of unrestricted proliferation of information, in which one could drown as in the breakers of a raging ocean. In the new world of the outrageous info-technological explosion the implication of an ‘educated man’ is altering. A generally-well-educated man might not mean much any more. What seems to be more appreciated is not an encyclopedically generalized education, but the education fraught with specificity of knowledge which is directly conducive to the result, indicative of progress and prosperity. So let us no longer boast about our good and wide education per se, but be proud of our specialized learning with a potential to create a pattern of good life and to contribute to the universal progress in an expressly specific way. I am not eliminating the importance of tradition and teaching as we have always known them: a fruitful lesson, a consequential training, a timely instruction, a proficient coaching, and an academic schooling – this is all still valuable and valid. What I am trying to perpetuate is our readiness to refrain from being carried away by futile, unwanted

and impracticable knowledge. We cannot embrace all the knowledge of the world; we can and should   only strive for as much as it is thought to be possible and necessary. Going after knowledge mechanically and aimlessly would not do any good to us. My philosophy of this renovated attitude to knowledge in general is not restricting anybody in getting acquainted with opinions, in learning and analyzing the facts, in juxtaposing the data, in brainstorming the ideas, in studying science and culture. I am not against familiarity with what the contemporary world is suggesting as part of our knowledge. As a matter of fact I am for awareness and comprehension in every walk of life. What I am rejecting is a vain and impotent edification which often takes our life away without any remunerative values. There is a lot of stupid tutoring around which has nothing to do with learning the indispensable. Brainpower does not depend on the quantity of information stuffed into our skulls. It depends on the level of marketability of the acquired knowledge, never excluding presence of intelligence as well as skill of perception and judgment. In a word, no shining invention is good enough unless it is sellable, is it?