Likelihood of Precedent Recurring
07 June, 2012

“In the nearest future public officers will be leaving jobs en mass”

On 29 May, 60 emploees of National Examination Center requested their dismissal from Minister after the latter fired Maia Miminoshvili, their boss. Such facts and precedents are not known to the Authorities that were born on the waves of Rose Revolution. Many say that the precedent soon will be spreading to other Governmental organizations and will acquire mass character. A bit later, several of these resigned employees were allegedly forced to return to their positions.

Irina Putkaradze, Chair of the NGO Public Defender: Naturally, not everyone will endure the pressure. Some of them may have returned. But the fact has happened. I received information that public employees in other state structures too are planning mass exodus in protest.
Q: Which structures specifically?
A: I cannot reveal them yet. The rebellious disposition is felt in a number of public services.
Former MIA Colonel (did not reveal identity): This precedent showed that there is not only the internal brewing of protest feelings, including the state structures, but there is also public readiness for protests. Many people were waiting to see what would happen on 27 May. Examples can be contagious. I am a former state security service officer and I stay in contact with representatives of law enforcers. My old colleagues still work there. Just like entire Georgia, these structures too are brimming with protest. When the moment is ripe, the defection from one to another camp will take place. Very soon the public will witness such facts. Nobody among the public officers likes when he is forced to do things against his will and views, often illegal and unfair. The people in the MIA and armed forces say they won’t  go against their own people and if pressured, they are ready to leave their jobs.
Q: The Authorities have a plenty of methods to strangle the will and ideas of people.
A: Power is like narcotics. Napoleon appointed his Internal Affairs Minister Fouche as a governor of Egypt. Later, Fouche wrote in his memoires about the depth of temptation from assuming the absolute power, about how the thoughts of deposing Napoleon started to lurk in his mind. Eventually though, he managed to hold himself together. Unchecked power destroys the human psyche, poisons the domain of practical reasoning. This is what happened

to Mikheil Saakashvili and his team.
During his speeches, Saakashvili is clearly consumed with an impulse to shout to people: “I gave you the light, natural gas, I build bridges and roads, beautify towns - what else do you want?!” You can read between the lines. He is unable to realize that everything that he did is worthless because it was done by wreaking havoc with the lives of people and sowing injustice. When you rip a man of his money, he does not care if you act by law or not. Machiavelli used to say that a slave will forgive you killing his father but will never forgive you extortion of money and humiliation of women!