Chamber of Control Arrested Another Property
07 June, 2012
Chamber of Control Arrested Another Property

Olympic Champion Appeals to Court

Chamber of Control arrested accounts of another charity organization, the Fund “Supporter of Georgian Football” set up by the former football player and Olympic champion Gela Ketashvili in solidarity with the international fund “Komagi” (“Supporter”).

Komagi was conceived to help victims of political persecution such as losing their jobs or businesses, being imprisoned and so on. The Fund had to rely on donations mainly from Georgian businessmen and Georgian compatriots living abroad. However, the Chamber of Control curbed the bank accounts immediately on realization of the first money transfer. It was in response to this event that Gela Ketashvili came forward to set up his own fund which was immediately nicknamed as “Komagi 2”. However, last Saturday the Chamber of Control arrested the accounts of this fund as well. The Chamber claimed that activities of the two Funds were associated with each other and were designed to bribe electorate.
The Fund founder Gela Ketashvili told the journalists that the two funds do not have any connection to each other. He noted that at the time of the arrest there was no means on to the accounts of the Fund Support of Georgian Football. He added that he is going to have the court repeal the Chamber’s  decision.
Experts argue that there is no legal basis that could have justified the arrest of the Fund’s accounts. As for the support of the people fired for their political views, it is anything but a reason for the arrest.
Dimitri Khachidze, a representative of “Article 42 of the Constitution”, says that grounds for the arrest of the Fund accounts are not clear and insufficient to justify the punishment.
“Every move should be substantiated - this one too. Arguments of the Chamber of Control are incomprehensible. Its statement failed to name specific facts making an assumption only which cannot be accepted as a reason. They have to indicate which transfer was illegal. If it concerns financial donations of foreign citizens, it is prohibited by law and the arrest of the Fund accounts by the Chamber of Control is understandable. But if the Fund has effected no transaction via its accounts while the Chamber of Control resorted to the punishment on grounds of a mere suspicion, it cannot be viewed as a sound reason,” Khachidze says. He says it is odd that the Fund Supporter

of the Georgian Football has anything to do with the Chamber of Control.
“We cannot relate two Funds just because one of them expressed solidarity with another. For me, it is not a confirmed reason for the legality of the Chamber’s move. Help offered to socially vulnerable people should not be punished with property arrests. It’s hard to tell if the help is an attempt to infringe upon the interest of the voter financially. The Chamber of Control should table concrete facts and stay away from the actions motivated by unfounded accusations,” – says Khachidze.
It must be remembered that “Komagi 2” came into being on 30 May. Its founders say that they would help people under by politically motivated persecution, veteran and current football players and socially vulnerable persons.