Kids & Conscience
21 June, 2012
Kids & Conscience

George  Chitaishvili

Sometimes some kids (and not only they) lie in order to make their bad behavior prettier, or to impress somebody. How can they take pleasure in making good impression based on lies? I think we should act according to our internal code of ethics and in this way we will feel much better if we have clean conscience, and knowing that our image is not the result of ostentatious behavior. Furthermore, sooner or later,

the truth will get on the surface and then not only others will be disappointed, you will feel much worse yourself. So, let’s always try to act as your conscience dictates you – it’s another question what your conscience does with you! Following one’s own conscious could be dangerous too. So what to do? I think having clean conscience is the best way out which does not always depend on our good intentions. Oh yes, we need to be very careful in matters of conscience. Better be conscious of our conscience!