Tbilisi Declares that It Frozen Ivanishvili’s Assets
27 June, 2012
Tbilisi Declares that It Frozen Ivanishvili’s Assets

The Russian edition of BBC published an article about the National Bureau of Enforcement of Georgia seizing Ivanishvili’s shares in “Cartu Group”, “Cartu Bank” and “Progress Bank”.
The article reads that part of Georgia assets of the billionaire leader of Georgian Dream has been seized.
BBC informs that the court fined Ivanishvili for the illicit donations by him to his own political party, though Ivanishvili is not going to pay the fine.
The article reads that the illicit donation was declared that Ivanishvili financed installing satellite antennas by Global TV and giving free service of vehicles to the “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia”.
“Ivanishvili, who is considered one of the most serious rivals of the ruling party, regards the court decision as illegal and politically motivated”, BBC Russian bureau informs. The article reads that the National bureau of enforcement informs that “Cartu Bank”, “Cartu Group” and “Progress Bank” are still in Ivanishvili’s ownership.
“Ivanishvili’s lawyers

say that Ivanishvili doesn’t own shares in the companies and “Cartu group” belongs to some foreign companies. The billionaire told journalists some months ago that supposedly he has no shares left in any Georgian companies, though he remains the owner of the property in some towns, including Sachkhere, Bakuriani and Ureki.
Ivanishvili didn’t exclude that the authority can seize the property that is not under his name.