Woman who might become First Lady of Georgia
13 May, 2013
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Following the naming of the ruling coalition's presidential candidate, the public has turned its attention to the question of who the state's First Lady will be if Giorgi Margvelashvili is elected the president in October. The presidential candidate has remained silent on his private life, but rumors before the nomination had been linking him with a lady who allegedly lived with him in Dusheti.
Maka Chichua is the name of the woman who might become First Lady of Georgia later this
year. Her Facebook profile page is set to closed for strangers, but ambebi.ge have obtained a picture of Margvelashvili with her.
Very little is known about Chichua. She is known to be a make-up artist by profession and was employed at the PIK television channel months ago. Chichua also has vocal experience, with her singing featured in the song "Electrowaves" on Maestro television channel air several years ago.

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