Mother takes care of a mummy of her son who died 18 years ago in Samegrelo
05 September, 2013
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Joni Bakaradze died eighteen years ago, at the age of twenty-two. With the decision by his father, the family – residing in the village of Bashi of the Zugdidi Municipality – did not lay the body to rest, instead mother Tsiuri Kvaratskhelia has been taking care of it since then.
She said the decision had been made to let the child of Joni – aged two at the time of the father’s death – “see what kind of father he had had”. Joni’s son is now aged twenty and, according to Tsiuri, is not afraid to see his father’s body, even “proud to see what good person his father was”.
For the first four years the deceased body was cared for using balsam by the family, although the mother said she had once seen how a body was kept in spirit liquid and switched to her own method since then.

By Maka Kobalia, Nino Chania

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