Meet Georgia’s 24-year-old Youth Delegate to the UN
11 October, 2016
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Georgian youth has its own representative in the United Nations and her name is Tatia Dolidze. She is 24 years old and she was appointed at this important position recently. The young diplomat will bring the problems of her age-mates to the attention of UN General Assembly in 2006-17.

In the video Georgian Youth Delegate to the United Nations, Tatia Dolidze is delivering a speech at the third committee meeting of the United Nations' 71st General Assembly in October, 2016.

The young representative of Georgia has received quite a diverse knowledge and experience in UN. She received master’s degree at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands and now is preparing her doctoral dissertation at the European Studies Insitute of Tbilisi State University. Before that, she was a trainee at the European Parliament, a research assistant at Brussels’ leading research center (CEPS) and a professor’s assistant at Czech Republic’s Masaryk University.
She is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, has written several publications and researches.

Tatia Dolidze talked about her activities and future plans with in summer.

- Tell us about the competition. Is it the first time you participated in this project?

- The program of youth representatives is considered to be one of most successful initiatives of United Nations. I have known about this project for quite a while and to tell you the truth, I was always interested in it. However, the problem was that I studied and worked abroad, so I had no time to seriously think about that and take responsibility. This year it was the first time I participated in the competition. It was held in three stages. The first one was to submit an essay on the goals, challenges and potentials of United Nation’s sustainable development. During the second stage I was abroad again, so they interviewed me by Skype. The third stage was to give a speech and for that purpose I returned to Georgia.

- How many people participated in this project and what do you think of other participants?

- There were 28 of us in the second stage and 15 were selected for the final stage. The age was determined 18 to 25 years old. The age difference was very much noticeable of course and there were some people who participated for the second or third time.

- Now tell us about the mandate. What are
your goals in this new position?

- The mandate lasts one year only and the activities begin with a regional tour. The youth representative has to visit all the regions, meet young people, talk with them and get acquainted with their problems. The informational meetings will begin in the second half of August and will continue until the first half of September. After that, based on the information received, the speech will be prepared for me to talk at the UN General Assembly, in New York. Besides, several projects will be implemented throughout the year. In February another meeting is planned in New York, so the activities are to be held during the entire year.
United Nations Youth Delegates 2016

- What do you think is the main problem that Georgian youth is facing?

- It is the availability of education and employment. I also think there is a difference between young people living in the mountains and those living in the capital.

- The education received in Georgia is often not enough to begin working. Why do the Georgian young people have problems of employment and what problems do you see in educational sphere.

- Georgian universities are unable to give the students practical experience. Receiving theoretical knowledge is not a problem in our country but this is not sufficient to find a good job. More analytics, researches are necessary. The only work that the student prepares when graduating is a bachelor’s degree. This is not right.
European educational system is mainly oriented towards analytics and practical studies. The hierarchical relationship between students and professors is also a problem in Georgia.

- What are your future plans? Do you plan to return to Georgia after spending years abroad?

- My main plan now is to prepare doctoral degree. I plan to stay and live in Georgia but my profession will enable me to travel constantly.

By Kristine Gamtenadze
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