National Library opens Georgian book corners across the world
15 February, 2017
 National Library opens Georgian book corners across the world
From now on Georgian migrants will have full access to Georgian books in various countries. Georgian language book corners have been set up in 25 cities worldwide up to now. Author of this extremely beneficial initiative is The National Library of Georgia and its Head Giorgi Kekelidze, famous for  carrying out a number of educational and cultural projects both in the country as well as beyond its borders. Georgian Journal contacted the Head of the National Library and asked him to elaborate on this topic.

“Equilibrium movement that is part of The National Library of Georgia came up with the initiative to establish Georgian book corners in various countries across the world. From one standpoint the initiative aims to promote Georgian culture and from another to assist Georgian migrants in foreign countries. Within the framework of the project the book corners are supplied with school books as well as extra-curricular reading books.
We have opened book corners in 25 cities now. The first book corner was established in Vienna, Austria, in 2012. Time by time Georgian book libraries were opened in other cities such as: Madrid, Barcelona, Bari, Frankfurt, Munich, Potsdam, Paris, Nice, Istanbul, Yerevan, Baku as well as in the cities of Indonesia, South Africa, the USA, Sweden, etc. Soon Georgian book corners will appear in Rome and Milan as well. Basically we open book corners at local libraries and parochial spaces”, - Giorgi Kekelidze, Head of The National Library of Georgia noted.

As Giorgi Kekelidze said, The National Library of Georgia has signed an agreement with companies intelPHONE and Inex Travel, that will assist with transportation and book purchasing issues. According to the Head of the library, thanks to this agreement, from now on they will be able to transfer books to dozens of cities throughout the world easily. Correspondingly, they will help Georgian migrants, their Sunday schools and ,on the other hand, show to the foreigners the significance of Georgian culture.
“We have received extremely positive feedback from the migrants. Georgians living abroad express substantial interest toward Georgian language books and in response we try to fulfill
their needs through providing books in their mother tongue. It is noteworthy that very often the migrants contact us by they own will and ask to hand out books to them”, - Giorgi Kekelidze said.

It is noteworthy, that among the educational projects run by Equilibrium, The National Library has started revitalizing the libraries in Georgia’s prisons as well.

“We try to actively implement education in this space. We would like to renovate libraries in all prisons throughout the country, because as Joseph Brodsky (famous Russian and American author) said, prison is essentially a shortage of space made up for by a surplus of time; consequently, the inmates must use this surplus of time fruitfully for their rehabilitation. I personally used to teach at prisons and I tried to help the inmates instantly, but now through this way it is easier to assist these people. We have visited prisons and juvenile detention centers in Gldani and Rustavi time by time and brought some books to the inmates”, - Head of The National Library told Georgian Journal.

As a reminder, Equilibrium has set up a number of free book cases in public spaces in the cities and villages of Georgia as well as joined Georgian Railway’s initiative to establish small libraries in the trains.

Author: Lika Chigladze
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