Criminal Authority “Ded Hasan” Killed in Moscow
16 January, 2013
Criminal Authority “Ded Hasan” Killed in Moscow
Aslan Usoyan, a criminal authority known as “Ded Hasan” (Grandpa Khasan) was murdered, Ria Novosti informs. Russian MIA informs that he was attacked on Povarsky Street.
Interfax informs based on an anonymous source that he was killed by a sniper at
14:30 Moscow time, when Ded Hasan was leaving the Restaurant “Karetny Dvor”.
The injured criminal authority was taken to hospital, though he soon died. Russian media informs that a woman passerby was also wounded.
Usoyan, of Kurdish origins, born in Georgia in 1937 was considered leader of the criminal gang in the Russian federation. According to different sources, he was first convicted for resisting police at the age of 19. Usoyan received status of Thief-in-law in 1966-1968.

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