Photos of the Day
16 October, 2017
Tradition of distilling Chacha (Georgian vodka) has existed for centuries in Georgia similarly to the old winemaking culture.

14 October, 2017
On October 14, whole Georgia celebrates Svetitskhovloba, a national holiday dedicated to the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral ("the Living Pillar Cathedral") that is located in Georgia’s historical city  of Mtskheta.
10 October, 2017
October 10th, 1872 marks the birth of Georgian railway.The construction of a railway linking the Black and Caspian seas started in 1865.

09 October, 2017
Niko Nikoladze, a prominent Georgian public figure, was born on October 9, 1843 in Kutaisi, the capital of the western region of Imereti.

04 October, 2017
Jvari (cross) pass is a high mountain pass, at an elevation of 2.379 meters above the sea level, located between Tbilisi,Georgia, and Vladikavkaz, Russia, on the Georgian Military Road. It is one
21 September, 2017
Jvari pass (Cross Pass) is a high mountain pass, at an elevation of 2.379 meters (7,815 feet) above the sea level, located between Tbilisi (Georgia) and Vladikavkaz (Russia) on the Georgian Military Road.
19 August, 2017
Gomis Mta  (Gomi Mountain) resort is located in river Bzhuzhi Gorge of Guria region of Georgia, 17km from Ozurgeti (regional capital) at the height of 2100m.

03 July, 2017
Mount Ushba is a real jewel of Georgia’s remote Svaneti region.
05 June, 2017
The image by Georgian photographer Giorgi Nikolava features the Church of Archangels built in the middle ages in Georgia’s remote Svaneti region. 

02 June, 2017
Adjara is Georgia’s beautiful southwestern region, notable for its Black Sea coast, tourist attractions and humid climate.
01 June, 2017
On June 1st Georgian Orthodox Church and the entire Georgia celebrates the day of Saint Nino, after whom many females are called in the country. Saint Nino came to Georgia in the 4th century exactly on this day and started preaching Christianity throughou
31 May, 2017
The Minister of Internal Affairs congratulated Georgian policemen on their professional day and expressed gratitude for their commitment and work.
26 May, 2017
May 26 marks the Independence Day of Georgia. 99 years ago, on May 26, 1918, the National Council of Georgia adopted the Act of State Independence. However, in February of 1921, the newly formed Soviet Russia invaded the country and the young Democratic R
25 May, 2017
Today the Orthodox Christian world celebrates the Ascension of Jesus Christ, in other words, thedeparture of Christ from Earth into the presence of God.
19 May, 2017
Today the last bell ringing sounded in the public schools of Georgia.

18 May, 2017
Georgian National Costume Day is a recently established celebration marked on May 18.
15 May, 2017
May 15, 1921 marks the birthday of an iconic Georgian actress Medea Chakhava.
12 May, 2017
Today, the Orthodox Church is celebrating the day of Georgia’s enlightener, Andrew the Apostle.

On the photo you can see the statue of the saint, located by the Sarpi waterfall in Adjara region, close to the Turkish border. 
06 May, 2017
May 6 is the day of Saint George’s death and torture.
24 April, 2017
Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is distinguished for its varied landscape and beautiful sights.
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