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Mount Kazbek photographed from Tbilisi by David Tabagari

Georgia’s national currency has slightly depreciated again. Starting from February 26, 1 USD will cost 2.2635 GEL

Georgia’s national currency has slightly depreciated again.Starting from February 26, 1 USD will cost 2.2635 GEL

The Georgian currency has not sunk so low since 2004; it did not happen even during the double impact of the August War and financial crisis in 2008.

A highlander needs no armor. His own heart is his best defense.Source - Mtiuleti Facebook page

A photo named "The Way Home" that was recently published on Facebook depicts a herd of sheep trekking home through a snow-covered plain.Photo source: This is Sakartvelo - Georgia.

In Georgia, March 3 is Mother's Day. It was established as an official holiday by the country's first President Zviad Gamsakhurdia in 1991 and celebrated ever since. The recently published photo depicting a typical Georgian grandma offering homemade nazook (sweet pastry) is an ideal expression of warmth and kindness that accompanies this wonderful holiday.

“Borjghalosnebi” hosted a Russian national team in a European Rugby Championship.

Halfway through March, the air temperature in Tbilisi has dropped by a significant margin, to the point of snowfall. The latter was so strong in some areas that the snow didn't melt shortly after (which is characteristic for warm Georgian winters), blanketing towns such as Tskneti, near Tbilisi. Photo Courtesy: Bacho BuloRelated Story:A glimpse of spring in February - Sunny Tbilisi in winter

Facebook page "I love my Patriarch" published a photo of Gergeti Trinity Church, which is located on the right bank of the river Chkheri, at an elevation of 2170 meters near Mount Kazbegi.

Georgian artillerists celebrate their 23rd anniversary. A formal ceremony dedicated to Artillery Day was held on the training grounds of I Artillery Brigade in Vaziani.

Today Georgia celebrates a holiday dedicated to the profession of Border Guard.

Facebook page The Protected Landscape of Tusheti has published an amazing photo taken in this beautiful region of Georgia. The photo depicts the village of Omalo, considered to be the region's center.

Facebook page “Georgian shepherd” has published a delightful photo of a Georgian shepherd puppy that seems to have conquered a girl’s heart. In the photo she is tightly holding the fluffy pup in her arms. The shepherd is about 3-4 months.

A photo taken by Maya Mtieli has spread through social network. The image depicts a picturesque Gomi Mountain located in Ozurgeti, the capital of the western Georgian province of Guria. As it is typical for spring, a wide variety of colors are blend into each other in this picture-perfect photo.

Tbilisi Funicular was built in 1903-1905 and it was quite an international project for that time. It continues to function even today, offering an amazing view of the city. See the full article: 110-year anniversary Tbilisi’s funicular and unknown details of its history

This is how the old part of Georgia's capital Tbilisi looks at night - spectacular, isn't it?Photo courtesy: Giorgi Kakulia

Built in the 13th century and extensively restored in 2011-2012, Rabati castle in the town of Akhaltsikhe, Georgia is now a top tourist attraction. Photo by Rabati Castle. Source: Georgia About

A Facebook page “My Svaneti, I am proud of you” has published an amazing photo depicting the beautiful nature of Georgia. In the photo, (Capra) mountain goats of Georgia are seen decorating the gorgeous cliffs of Svaneti, northwestern part of the country.

The bodies, identified over the 7 years since the August war have been buried at Mukhatgverdi cemetery. 42 bodies were identified in total. The body of Georgia’s national hero Giorgi Antsukhelidze underwent additional examinations.