Georgian ensemble Erisioni performed in Kremlin - long applause and acclaim
11 March, 2013
Moscow Kremlin Governmental Palace saw on March 9 and 10 two concerts of Georgian folk dance and music ensemble Erisioni, with audience – including local Russians and Georgian emigrants – marking the performances with long applause and acclaim.
The Russian press reviewed the Moscow events of the academic ensemble by stating “The main stage of the state featured two events of the Georgian ensemble Erisioni after a 5-year break. The internationally known ethnic show titled ‘Treasure of Georgia’ included polyphonic
songs, dance pieces depicting events in their country’s history, as well as national costumes and light show. All this was performed with fire and temperament characteristic to Georgians.”

Erisioni traveled to Russia on March 4 and presented performances in Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavropol and Moscow.

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