Ana Akhvlediani – “A mix of Liv Tyler and Bianca Balti”
16 October, 2014
Ana Akhvlediani – “A mix of Liv Tyler and Bianca Balti”
Italian model agency Brave Models Management is presenting a new face to the world of fashion. Its representatives firmly believe that Ana Akhvlediani, a 19-year-old model from Kutaisi who they selected through casting will conquer the world in a heartbeat. As Giorgi Papidze, a representative of Brave Models Management says, Ana’s appearance belongs to the Sicilian type and besides being beautiful; she is also very talented.

“What would I even do there?” I’d ask my grandmother. “I can’t even walk
on heels properly and you want me on the catwalk?” Grandmother, on the contrary, assured me that everything would be fine. With a hope that after casting, they’d politely tell me, “Miss, you are beautiful, but not cut out for modeling,” I went. I arrived there by the time the casting was almost over, tired and completely numb… I definitely wasn’t ready for what happened next,” Ana recalls.
Brave Models Management is the same agency that discovered Bianca Balti back in the day. It is often said that Ana resembles Bianca in appearance and she is also predicted to be very successful. She has already learned to walk the catwalk properly, as well as pose for the cameras.
Giorgi Papidze: “No matter how beautiful the girl is, we cannot offer her employment with Dior, Versace, or Dolce & Gabbana without being 100 percent sure that she has full command of skills necessary for modeling. Ana, for example, still needs to have her facial expressions tweaked. Despite the fact that her experience with the world of modeling is close to none, there already exists considerable interest in her. Last summer, Nikola Borissov, a photographer for Elle and Vogue, selected Ana from a pool of 500 models for an editorial with Dolce & Gabbana. As a rule, Borissov does not photograph barely known newbie models, yet he did not leave Ana’s side for a minute and made sure to snap every movement of hers. When Ana was posing for a likeness of Monica Belucci’s “Malena”, he told her that she was a mix of Liv Tyler and Bianca Balti.
Ana and Bianca were introduced to each other in Milan. This happened by accident: Bianca entered the agency while Ana was undergoing casting. She instantly recognized the newbie model and they cheerfully hugged each other. Bianca noted with pleasure that Ana was very beautiful and that she can foresee her becoming very successful. Bianca first heard about Ana when I put a photo of hers on the cover of my Facebook page after having nothing but Bianca’s photos there for four years straight. Surprised, she asked the agency’s manager, Bruno Pauletta, about this girl. Then she came to me and told me that she liked my new revelation, Ana Akhvlediani, a lot. Coming from a model of her class, these words carried a lot of weight and I was happy to hear them.
My first impression when I saw Ana was that she resembles a beautiful flower, even without make-up. Ana wants to be known not only as beautiful, but also as a clever woman, who has other valuable traits aside from beauty.”


– In my childhood, I was very keen on skateboarding. I am into sports in general – my life strictly follows the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Spending energy on exercising never fails to put me in a good mood, making it much easier to believe that life is great.

– Believe? Do you sometimes think that life isn’t great?

– Isn’t any intelligent person sometimes consumed by what famous Georgian writer Goderdzi Chokheli called “the sadness of being human?” In our transient world, where everything is temporary and fleeting, it is impossible not to be sad even for a little while. But I do not allow myself to become consumed by sadness for too long and I distract myself by painting. It is a great way to achieve spiritual tranquility – the process of painting takes all negative emotions away; it’s like being reborn. I like Van Gogh a lot. Even looking at his work has a therapeutic effect when I’m depressed. Then there’s also Gauguin, whose work is simply magical. You can meditate to it, feel that you are there, among the flowers that he painted and not only can you see the colors, but also hear the music of their sway.
I view modeling with purely a sportsmanlike interest – achieving success through competition. Since I ended up joining this race, I intend to win it. I thought the same when I started studying law.

– What kind of reaction will mentioning your name elicit in ten or fifteen years?

– I want people to remember me not only as beautiful, but also as smart, even if the whole world goes crazy about my beauty. This world has seen many beautiful women, but none of them remained forever young. I don’t want people to remember me as a formerly beautiful woman and shake heads, saying, “If only she didn’t grow old.” I think that when one’s mental faculties are given priority and put forward, people seem to be less focused on past beauty. In ten or fifteen years, I envision myself as living with my family, bearing the title of a wife and having at least four children. What did you expect? Children require siblings to be happy. Family is the greatest boon not only for a woman, but also for humanity as a whole.

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