Hamlet Gonashvili’s “Tsintskaro” in Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu
20 April, 2015
Georgian folk song “Tsintskaro” performed by Hamlet Gonashvili, a famous Georgian singer and ensemble “Rustavi” was used in the soundtrack of a film from the German director Werner Herzog.

The movie is a remake of “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror” an outstanding horror film directed by Friedrich Murnau.The new version of Nosferatu was declared a masterpiece of the horror movie genre by movie critics.

Perhaps many Georgians will be surprised, that a renowned piece of Georgian folk music was used
by the German director in his movie about Dracula.The remake Nosferatu was released in 1979, in which many prominent actors starred.

The film has received several awards, among them, a Silver Bear at The Berlin International Film Festival.