Sophia Loren and Sergo Zakariadze together in Moscow - A meeting to be remembered
08 May, 2015
In 1965, the fifth installment of an international film festival was held in Moscow. The list of invited guests included famous Italian actress Sophia Loren. This is where the stars of famous Georgian movie “Father of a Soldier”(Sergo Zakariadze) and “Marriage Italian Style”(Sophia Loren) first met each other.

Sergo Zakariadze and Sophia Loren were introduced to each other on the stage, during the award ceremony that saw both of them receiving prizes. After the event was over, they dined together,
had conversations on various topics and took a few photos together. Word has it that the initiative to take them belonged to Sophia.

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“Sophie Loren sat on Sergo Zakariadze’s lap, hugged and kissed him”