World’s smallest museum is in Tbilisi – Place where Pirosmani lived
29 March, 2016
Do you know where world's smallest museum is located and what makes it so unique? A museum the size of which is only 6 square meters is in Tbilisi, Georgia. If you have heard the sad story of world famous Georgian painter, then you will easily guess that we are talking about Niko Pirosmanashvili, also known as Pirosmani. The place depicted in the photo served as a home to a self-taught 19th-20th artist. In fact, we can hardly call it a house,
where the genius artist spent long nights creating various artworks. Because of the poverty, Niko could only afford living under the stairs just like Harry Potter lived in the cupboard under his aunt's stairs.

The house that stands at current Niko Pirosmani Street # 29 was turned into a house museum in 1982. The museum was opened by Anzor Mazgharashvili who used to lead and take care of it for years. At present the head of the historic house museum is Kakha Janiashvili . As Lali Lomtatidze , yet another employee of the museum says, here are not exposed the original artworks of the painter, since the museum does not have a security guard. The rich collection of Niko’s paintings is kept at Niko Pirosmanashvili’s Sate Museum in artist’s native village named Mirzaani in Dedoplistskaro region of Georgia. According to her, the place where the outstanding artist lived in Tbilisi serves as cultural and touristic site both for locals and tourists. As Ms Lali has noted, the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation is planning to renovate the museum in accordance with European standards in the near future. Niko Pirosmani , also referred to as Nikala was a Georgian primitivist painter, who passed away in poverty and earned fame only after his death. As it is known, yet another Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili ,who in comparison with Nikala was quite famous and successful in his life, used to visit him in this shed that he depicted in his famous painting named The Death of Niko Pirosmani .

Photo courtesy of RFE/RL
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Photo courtesy of
Lado Gudiashvili's painting named The Death of Niko Pirosmani
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