Sophia Loren attends a charity concert at Tbilisi Opera
16 June, 2016
A world-famous movie star, Sophia Loren has attended the charity event held at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater. Georgian opera singer Nino Surguladze’s charity foundation called ‘The Wish Tree’ (Natvris Khe) has organized a concert with the participation of Georgian Ballet Company and the orchestra, presenting the world premiere yesterday.
The play was called “In the name of love” and it consisted of two parts, representing a synthesis of opera and ballet. Namely, those were Nino Rota’s music for
the Federico Fellini movie La Strada and Francis Poulenc’s mono opera, called La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice).
In the first part, the main role was performed by Prima-Ballerina Nino Ananiashvili. As for the Poulenc’s mono opera, it was performed by a world-famous Georgian mezzo-soprano, Nino Surguladze. The orchestra was conducted by Maestro Carlo Ponti, Sophie Loren’s son.
After the event, Sophia Loren made comments to the media representatives and said that the play was incredibly beautiful. She also said that Surguladze has a very beautiful voice, adding she would like to have that kind of voice too. Surguladze quickly responded by saying, she would give her voice with pleasure, if she could. Apart from that, Loren said she was very emotional when she saw her son conducting the orchestra and now she is leaving for Geneva, to see her second son.

Nino Surguladze said, she is happy that the premiere has ended well and the Opera house now has another beautiful play. She added, the charity event received 40 000 phone calls and that she sends 40 000 warm thanks to all the people who called in.
Georgian Prima ballerina Nino Ananiashvili has also talked to the media and said she is happy to participate in such a beautiful project. She also expressed hope that the children they helped with this concert, will get better.
The play was staged by Italian artists. The director was Marco Gardini, who is a partner of a legendary movie director, Franco Zefirelli. As for the choreographer, it was Gianluca Schiavoni, who works in La Scala and other well-known opera houses around the world.
The money raised by the concert will be donated to save the gravely ill children.

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