Sophia Loren recalled her meeting with famous Georgian actor
18 June, 2016
Georgian opera singer Nino Surguladze unveils interesting and unknown details about world-famous movie star Sophia Loren’s visit to Georgia. 

“Out of the former Soviet Union, she has only visited Russia and she now wanted to see Georgia too. It was her wish… The great actress, Sophia Loren wanted to be a part of our charity event and so she came at her own expense. Flying in an airplane is not an easy thing for her either. She was accompanied by
two persons and one of them was a doctor. Sophia said she is scared of flying and she told me it was quite a difficult flight. They were caught in a turbulent zone for almost two hours and she was holding her doctor by the hand all that time…
When she arrived, she could hardly walk but she’s an incredible woman. She proudly walked out of the airport, as if nothing had happened. When I went to the hotel to see her, she was taking a rest. Then she met the Prime Minister, who went to the hotel himself. It was a very warm encounter… Yes, the visit to the Patriarch’s office was planned too, but she could not do it and she said she was sorry about that. She was really not feeling well.

During the concert, she once again stressed that and apologized for not visiting the Patriarch. But she said she would meet him on his next visit to Georgia, because she heard maნy good things about Ilia II. The representatives of the Patriarchy presented her with the analogue of Queen Tamar’s cross. Sophia was amazed by the present and said she will wear it all the time.
She felt a great love from the people and said we have a wonderful country. She also said she does not regret flying so far from her own home and being scared while sitting in the plane. Then she told me the story about how a lightning struck her plane when she was flying somewhere. So, taking all this into consideration, we should be more grateful to her. She then told me she would return to Georgia.

She also recalled her meeting with famous Georgian actor Sergo Zakariadze whom she met at an international film festival many years ago with love. She’s not very young any more but she remembers everything very well”, - The opera singer reports.

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