Who was the author of Niko Pirosmani's only surviving photo
25 June, 2016
Eduard Klar was a famous photographer who captured and depicted many important events of Georgian history as well as many outstanding public figures with his camera. Yet he is most famous for photographing  famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani. Also Eduard Klar photographed Constituent Assembly of Georgia in 1918 in the yard of Viceregent Palace, a historical building located on Rustaveli Avenue that ratified the Act of Independence of Georgia.

Constituent Assembly of Georgia in 1918

In addition, he shot the
25 years anniversary of Georgian businessman D.Saradjishvili's marriage in 1905, where prominent Georgian writer Akaki Tsereteli is depicted among the guests as well.

Anniversary D.Saradjishvili's marriage
Klar’s father was a Russian of German origin and owned a clothing store in the town of Poltava. Eduard Klar moved to Tbilisi when he was young, in 1893 and rented a shop of a famous photographer V. Barkanov. Later, he opened his new shop in the center of the city, on the Golovin Street (now Rustaveli Avenue) and became the main photographer at the State Opera House.

Klar’s family
He has photographed many local and foreign actors and his photos were particularly refined and exquisite. Klar was awarded with a bronze medal on the first Caucasian photo exhibition that took place in 1897 and later, in 1901, he received gold medal. It is noteworthy, that besides photography, Eduard Klar studied painting and his tutor was a famous Georgian artist, Gigo Gabashvili. Besides, he was an accomplished violin player.

Klar and his wife
In 1916, by the initiative of Georgian Artists’ Society, Eduard Klar made the only surviving photo of the legendary Georgian painter, Niko Pirosmani.

Niko Pirosmani's portrait

State Opera House in Tbilisi

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