Georgia’s Sukhishvili National Ballet presents exciting modern dance show Ramishvilebi
09 July, 2016
The new project called Ramishvilebi, by the chief choreographer of Georgia's Sukhishvili National Ballet, Iliko Sukhishvili, was staged at the Tbilisi Concert Hall on July 7.

Ramishvilebi have returned to the stage first time after the premiere in 2013. The show consists of modern dances perfectly mixed with traditional Georgian dance elements and this is yet another breaking point in Georgian choreography.

Iliko Sukhishvili created his new project inspired by his grandmother, one of the founders of Sukhishvili Ballet, Nino Ramishvili. He wrote several abstract compositions using his own music, as well as jazz and folk, and after that, told the dancers to begin training in a completely different manner. Democratic approach in a company famous for its almost military order, gave its results and the project proved to be very interesting.

Ramishvilebi have presented an expanded program before the audience and as the spectators say it was an unforgettable show.

Video Courtesy of Anna Imerlishvili

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