Georgia’s Bassiani among 11 unforgettable places to party in the New East
15 November, 2016
Georgia has once again appeared on the map of world’s top clubs. Tbilisi’s underground club named Bassiani has already been featured among East Europe’s leading night clubs after London and Berlin, by the Guardian. This time it appeared in a spotlight again and was listed among 11 of the best raves by The Calvert Journal, a guide to the New East.

“For those in the know, nightlife across the New East has long been considered to include some of the best
parties out there. Here’s a list of 11 of the best raves from across the region. Fabric’s closure last month has left a sizeable hole in London’s nightlife. Luckily, only a short plane ride away, the New East boasts more than enough clubs for you dance till dawn. From a former slaughterhouse in Belgrade to an ex-bakery in Transylvania’s biggest city, here’s our pick of the most unmissable raves in the most unlikely locations that should be every on every techno-fan's bucket list”, - The article reads.
“While parts of Tbilisi can be quite conservative, Bassiani, located in the basement of Georgia’s national football club, does not hold back. The club has rightly put Tbilisi on the map as one of the world’s blossoming clubbing capitals, inspiring comparisons with the UK’s second summer of love and Berlin in the early 1990s”, - The Calvert Journal reports.

Ben Klock playing at Bassiani, Tbilisi

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